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How RjsNetworks Handle CRM

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, can make or break a web host. In this article Adnan takes a look at the CRM practices of RJSNetworks, a new ASP and ASP.Net web hosting company.

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By: Adnan Masood
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October 01, 2002
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How RjsNetworks Handle CRM - Knowledge Base
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Implementation is just right, as they say, "is a comprehensive solution for businesses that need to track, route, measure, and manage email communications with external or internal customers". Here, they use this product for managing their support database. Kepping this knowledgebase up-to-date is vital for any hosting provider with serious support initiatives, and this is what RJSNetworks aims for .Their knowledgebase is classified with requirement specification of different clients and questions that have arisen from time to time.

AnswerTrack in action

A wide range of available components & support for development tools ar thee key strengths of RJSNetworks hosting servers. They has Microsoft .NET platform support (for corporate plans and above), equipped with IIS 5. ASP 3.0 is supported as well. Their in-house architecture is working on ASP.NET. In database solutions, they provide support for industry standard Microsoft tools including MS Access, MS SQL Server 7.0/2000. Among web development IDE's, RJSNetworks have support for FrontPage extensions, Dreamweaver Ultradev, MS Interdev and Drumbeat.

Web based email administration is supported via IMail server from Ipswitch. This provides essential messaging functionality, a recognized leading e-mail solution with over 49 million users (so the company claims). Imail is easy to use for alias, user creation and mailbox management on the web. Spam-guards and antivirus programs at RJSNetworks are also in action providing zealous support keeping the mailbox junk and virus free.

AspMail is used on more ASP installations than any other commercial or free product. Used on 1000's of web sites around the world, this component allows you to send SMTP mail directly from a web page. Versions 2.5x are 2-3 times faster than previous versions and have very low CPU utilization.

On the fly DSN creation is supported via main control panel -- its number varies from plan to plan. If not using inetinfo or XMLHTTP for HTTP Tunneling, ASPTear by AlphaSierraPapa is one of the nice tools for GET and POST requests made available on the RJSNetworks servers.

ImageDBLoad is an in-house component for "loading an image into a database". I never used it but it sounds like a COM-ODBC library with image handling routines.

ASPPop3 by ServerObjects is to retrieve and delete mail from any standard POP3 server via a Web page, to allow developing email applications. AspPOP3 exposes message headers via properties and handles decoding file attachments. ASPDNS is also by ServeroOjects for DNS lookups, IP lookup and reverse host name lookup for known IP addresses.

Cyspace's browser hawk is available; this is industry’s prominent tool for detection of Flash, Shockwave, Acrobat, and over a dozen plug-in. It also provides detection of security settings, such as disabled cookies, JavaScript, SSL, ActiveX controls. It also has detection for screen size and color depth, firewalls, proxies, and blocked ports, Detection of connection speed and download times, Detection of WAP and PDA devices. Basically it has automatic database logging of all stats, with no programming required.

RjsBannerRotator is an in-house component for ad rotation; it provides serving, click and monitoring for hosting plans above personal.

File uploading is mostly a routine programming practice in sites that involve user interaction in various senses. From blob uploading to resumes, it has a lot of practical applications. Among several other file uploading components, RJSNetworks support ASPUpload by ServerObjects and Artisans's SA-FileUP.

For e-commerce, they provide affiliation with Cybercash Merchant Connect to draw web-based transactions.

RJSNetworks has tolerance and support for custom components, however your source code submission is necessary to make sure the server security is not at stake. Live server reports are provided via statistics server Live Stats 5.0 of MediaHouse Software Inc.
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