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XML Strengths and Weaknesses with DOM, ASP and XSL

Since the inception of XML, many developers have wondered why they need XML and how they can use XML to their benefit. In this article Nakul looks at some of the terminology that comes with using XML and its related technologies, as well as how to create and transform XML documents with ASP and XSL using Microsoft's MSXML parser.

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By: Nakul Goyal
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March 05, 2002
  1. · XML Strengths and Weaknesses with DOM, ASP and XSL
  2. · XML Definitions
  3. · XML and DOM
  4. · Our XML example explained
  5. · Conclusion

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XML Strengths and Weaknesses with DOM, ASP and XSL - Our XML example explained
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Firstly, we connect to SQL Server 2000 using a system DSN. The DSN is called "pubs", and you should create the DSN using control panel. It should connect to your SQL server, more specifically to its pubs database. We instantiate an ADO connection object, passing in the DSN to its open method:

'Open database connection

Set conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")

dsn = "DSN=pubs;UID=sa;PWD="

conn.Open dsn

Once we're connect to our database, we create a new XML document and assign it a root element called "Hi-Tech". We then proceed to retrieve a recordset from the authors table of our pubs database:

If (xmldoc.childNodes.length = 0) Then

' Build the XML document

Set root = xmldoc.createNode("element", "Hi-Tech", "")

xmldoc.appendChild (root)

' Queries the database for customer data

Sql = "select au_lname,au_fname,au_id from authors"

Set rs = conn.Execute(Sql)


We then loop through each record in the recordset, appending its title, titleID and royalty fields to the XML document that we created earlier. We use the createNode and appendChild methods to do so:

Set inode = xmldoc.createNode("element", "Titles", "")

onode.appendChild (inode)

Set child = xmldoc.createNode("element", "TitleId", "")

child.Text = rs2.fields(0)

inode.appendChild (child)

Set child = xmldoc.createNode("element", "royalty", "")

child.Text = rs2.fields(1)

inode.appendChild (child)

Once we've retrieved each of the records from the recordset and appended them to our XML document, we save the XML document to our local machine using MSXML's save method:

xmldoc.save server.mappath("saved.xml")

We're now at the point where we have an XML file called saved.xml, as well as the style sheet that's included in the support material for this article, called saved.xml. We instantiate a new XMLDOM object for each of these files, calling the transformNode method of the XML DOM object with a reference to the XML DOM object that contains the XSL file:

sourceFile = Server.MapPath("saved.xml")

styleFile = Server.MapPath("saved.xsl")

set source = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

source.async = false


set style = Server.CreateObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")

style.async = false


Lastly, we use Response.Write to output the transformed XML to the browser:

Response.Write source.transformNode(style)
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