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Creating NextPrev Link in Cold Fusion

Creating a Next/Prev link for query results in Cold Fusion is very easy with <cfloop> tag. Passing parameters to Start row and End row limits the record display in the specified range. Almost all of our database- driven applications require paging of query results. It might be handy if we had a custom tag or script written already. Just what we need is to extend that code wherever we want to place the paging and then change a few parameters.  In this article, I show you how we can create Cold Fusion database query results with "Next 1 2 3 4... Prev" links.

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By: Shiju Rajan
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March 31, 2004
  1. · Creating NextPrev Link in Cold Fusion
  2. · Calculate the Offset and Limit Rows
  3. · Pass More Parameters to Create/Prev Link

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Creating NextPrev Link in Cold Fusion - Calculate the Offset and Limit Rows
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Following is the code for splitting the page numbers and finding the offset values for each link. I have written comments for each and every line so you should be able to understand the logic clearly. 

<!--- set how many records you want to display per page ---> 
<cfset Result_Per_Page="10"
get the total record count from q_fetch query --->
<cfset Total_Records="#q_fetch.recordcount#"
set the default value for the offset record set number ---> 
<cfparam name="URL.offset" default="0"
the limit result set(i.e., end row) ---> 
<cfset limit=URL.offset+Result_Per_Page
page results start from? ---> 
<cfset start_result=URL.offset+1
showing results 1 10 of total record --->
<cfoutput>Showing results #start_result# - 
<cfif limit GT Total_Records> #Total_Records# <cfelse> #limit# </cfif> of #Total_Records# 
<!--- make sure that the initial start row is starting from 1 ---> 
<cfset URL.offset=URL.offset+1
<!--- if 
the record is their more than one page so show the navigation bar ---> 
<cfif Total_Records GT Result_Per_Page
Create Previous Link ---> 
<cfif URL.offset GT Result_Per_Page
<!--- Previous Link Offset ---> 
<cfset prev_link=URL.offset-Result_Per_Page-1
<cfoutput><a href="#cgi.script_name#?offset=#prev_link#">PREV</a></cfoutput
Find out how many pages are there for display  ---> 
<cfset Total_Pages=ceiling(Total_Records/Result_Per_Page)> 
now loop it for navigation page numbers ---> 
<cfloop index="i" from="1" to="#Total_Pages#"
<cfset j=i-1
<!--- create offset value for page numbers ---> 
<cfset offset_value=j*Result_Per_Page
deactivate the link if the page number is current page ---> 
<cfif offset_value EQ URL.offset-
<cfoutput><a href="#cgi.script_name#?offset=#offset_value#">#i#</a></cfoutput> 
<!--- create Next Link ---> 
<cfif limit LT Total_Records
<!--- Next Link Offset ---> 
<cfset next_link=URL.offset+Result_Per_Page-1
<cfoutput><a href="#cgi.script_name#?offset=#next_link#">NEXT</a></cfoutput

In the above code I used the ceiling function to calculate the Total number of pages. Ceiling function returns the closest integer to the passed value. Also, I used a cgi.script_name variable to pass the current Cold Fusion page name.

Seeing the Results

Now we need to print the query results on the screen.

<!--- display the result on the screen ---> 
<cfloop query="q_fetch" startrow="#URL.offset#" endrow="#limit#"
<cfoutput>#id# - #name# - #dept#</cfoutput> <br>

<cfloop> tag calls the query 'q_fetch' and limits the query result based on the values passed through offset and limit variables.

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