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Delphi Wrapper Classes and XML

In this article we will look at a partial listing of the xmlintf unit and then write a program to demonstrate how to use DOM in Delphi. We began our discussion of this topic in the previous article. This is part three of a four-part series.

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By: David Web
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November 17, 2008
  1. · Delphi Wrapper Classes and XML
  2. · XML Properties, Methods, and Interface
  3. · A Demonstration
  4. · Second Part of Code

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Delphi Wrapper Classes and XML - XML Properties, Methods, and Interface
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The XML document properties, methods and interface are then defined. The functions help us to manipulate the document elements.

{ IXMLDocument }

TXMLDocOption = (doNodeAutoCreate, doNodeAutoIndent, doAttrNull,

doAutoPrefix, doNamespaceDecl, doAutoSave);

TXMLDocOptions = set of TXMLDocOption;

TParseOption = (poResolveExternals, poValidateOnParse, poPreserveWhiteSpace,


TParseOptions = set of TParseOption;

TXMLEncodingType = (xetUnknown, xetUCS_4BE, xetUCS_4LE, xetUCS_4Order2134,

xetUCS_4Order3412, xetUTF_16BE, xetUTF_16LE, xetUTF_8, xetUCS_4Like,

xetUTF_16BELike, xetUTF_16LELike, xetUTF_8Like, xetEBCDICLike);

IXMLDocument = interface(IInterface)


{ Property Accessors }

function GetActive: Boolean;

function GetAsyncLoadState: Integer;

function GetChildNodes: IXMLNodeList;

function GetDocumentElement: IXMLNode;

function GetDocumentNode: IXMLNode;

function GetDOMDocument: IDOMDocument;

function GetEncoding: DOMString;

function GetFileName: DOMString;

function GetModified: Boolean;

function GetNodeIndentStr: DOMString;

function GetOptions: TXMLDocOptions;

function GetParseOptions: TParseOptions;

function GetSchemaRef: DOMString;

function GetStandAlone: DOMString;

function GetVersion: DOMString;

function GetXML: TStrings;

procedure SetActive(const Value: Boolean);

procedure SetDocumentElement(const Value: IXMLNode);

procedure SetDOMDocument(const Value: IDOMDocument);

procedure SetEncoding(const Value: DOMString);

procedure SetFileName(const Value: DOMString);

procedure SetNodeIndentStr(const Value: DOMString);

procedure SetOptions(const Value: TXMLDocOptions);

procedure SetParseOptions(const Value: TParseOptions);

procedure SetStandAlone(const Value: DOMString);

procedure SetVersion(const Value: DOMString);

procedure SetXML(const Value: TStrings);

The methods of the XML document object are defined here. You will recognize some of them in the application that we will build later on:

{ Methods }

function AddChild(const TagName: DOMString): IXMLNode; overload;

function AddChild(const TagName, NamespaceURI: DOMString): IXMLNode; overload;

function CreateElement(const TagOrData, NamespaceURI: DOMString): IXMLNode;

function CreateNode(const NameOrData: DOMString;

NodeType: TNodeType = ntElement; const AddlData: DOMString = ''): IXMLNode;

function GeneratePrefix(const Node: IXMLNode): DOMString;

function GetDocBinding(const TagName: DOMString;

DocNodeClass: TClass; NamespaceURI: DOMString = ''): IXMLNode;

function IsEmptyDoc: Boolean;

procedure LoadFromFile(const AFileName: DOMString);

procedure LoadFromStream(const Stream: TStream; EncodingType:

TXMLEncodingType = xetUnknown);

procedure LoadFromXML(const XML: string); overload;

procedure LoadFromXML(const XML: DOMString); overload;

procedure Refresh;

procedure RegisterDocBinding(const TagName: DOMString;

DocNodeClass: TClass; NamespaceURI: DOMString = '');

procedure Resync;

procedure SaveToFile(const AFileName: DOMString);

procedure SaveToStream(const Stream: TStream);

procedure SaveToXML(var XML: DOMString); overload;

procedure SaveToXML(var XML: string); overload;

procedure SetOnAsyncLoad(const Value: TAsyncEventHandler);

The properties of the document object are defined here. Again, you will notice some of them in the application that we will build shortly:

{ Properties }

property Active: Boolean read GetActive write SetActive;

property AsyncLoadState: Integer read GetAsyncLoadState;

property ChildNodes: IXMLNodeList read GetChildNodes;

property DocumentElement: IXMLNode read GetDocumentElement write SetDocumentElement;

property DOMDocument: IDOMDocument read GetDOMDocument write SetDOMDocument;

property Encoding: DOMString read GetEncoding write SetEncoding;

property FileName: DOMString read GetFileName write SetFileName;

property Modified: Boolean read GetModified;

property Node: IXMLNode read GetDocumentNode;

property NodeIndentStr: DOMString read GetNodeIndentStr write SetNodeIndentStr;

property Options: TXMLDocOptions read GetOptions write SetOptions;

property ParseOptions: TParseOptions read GetParseOptions write SetParseOptions;

property SchemaRef: DOMString read GetSchemaRef;

property StandAlone: DOMString read GetStandAlone write SetStandAlone;

property Version: DOMString read GetVersion write SetVersion;

property XML: TStrings read GetXML write SetXML;


Some constants are then declared that will be used in the implementation of the unit:


NodeTypeNames: array[TNodeType] of string = { Do not localize }

('', 'Element','Attribute','Text','CDATASection', 'EntityRef','Entity',

'ProcessingInstr', 'Comment','Document','DocumentType',




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