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Delphi and the DOM

Welcome to the second part of a four-part series on Delphi and the DOM. In the first article, we discussed Delphi and XML. Now that you have some idea of the core elements of XML documents, we can talk about how to manipulate them in Delphi.

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By: David Web
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November 10, 2008
  1. · Delphi and the DOM
  2. · Coding with the DOM in Delphi
  3. · XMLDOM.pas Unit continued
  4. · Even More XMLDOM.pas Unit

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Delphi and the DOM - XMLDOM.pas Unit continued
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{ EDOMParseError }

EDOMParseError = class(Exception)


FParseError: IDOMParseError;

function GetFilePos: Integer;

function GetLine: Integer;

function GetLinePos: Integer;

function GetReason: DOMString;

function GetSrcText: DOMString;

function GetURL: DOMString;

function GetErrorCode: Integer;


property ParseError: IDOMParseError read FParseError;


constructor Create(const ParseError: IDOMParseError; const Msg: string);

property ErrorCode: Integer read GetErrorCode;

property URL: DOMString read GetURL;

property Reason: DOMString read GetReason;

property SrcText: DOMString read GetSrcText;

property Line: Integer read GetLine;

property LinePos: Integer read GetLinePos;

property FilePos: Integer read GetFilePos;


{ IDOMImplementation }

IDOMImplementation = interface


function hasFeature(const feature, version: DOMString): WordBool;

function createDocumentType(const qualifiedName, publicId, { DOM Level 2 }

systemId: DOMString): IDOMDocumentType; safecall;

function createDocument(const namespaceURI, qualifiedName: DOMString;{ DOM Level 2 }

doctype: IDOMDocumentType): IDOMDocument; safecall;


{ IDOMNode }

IDOMNode = interface(IInterface)


{ Property Acessors }

function get_nodeName: DOMString; safecall;

function get_nodeValue: DOMString; safecall;

procedure set_nodeValue(value: DOMString); safecall;

function get_nodeType: DOMNodeType; safecall;

function get_parentNode: IDOMNode; safecall;

function get_childNodes: IDOMNodeList; safecall;

function get_firstChild: IDOMNode; safecall;

function get_lastChild: IDOMNode; safecall;

function get_previousSibling: IDOMNode; safecall;

function get_nextSibling: IDOMNode; safecall;

function get_attributes: IDOMNamedNodeMap; safecall;

function get_ownerDocument: IDOMDocument; safecall;

function get_namespaceURI: DOMString; safecall;

function get_prefix: DOMString; safecall;

function get_localName: DOMString; safecall;

{ Methods }

function insertBefore(const newChild, refChild: IDOMNode): IDOMNode; safecall;

function replaceChild(const newChild, oldChild: IDOMNode): IDOMNode; safecall;

function removeChild(const childNode: IDOMNode): IDOMNode; safecall;

function appendChild(const newChild: IDOMNode): IDOMNode; safecall;

function hasChildNodes: WordBool; safecall;

function cloneNode(deep: WordBool): IDOMNode; safecall;

procedure normalize; safecall; { DOM Level 2 }

function supports(const feature, version: DOMString): WordBool; { DOM Level 2 }

{ Properties }

property nodeName: DOMString read get_nodeName;

property nodeValue: DOMString read get_nodeValue write set_nodeValue;

property nodeType: DOMNodeType read get_nodeType;

property parentNode: IDOMNode read get_parentNode;

property childNodes: IDOMNodeList read get_childNodes;

property firstChild: IDOMNode read get_firstChild;

property lastChild: IDOMNode read get_lastChild;

property previousSibling: IDOMNode read get_previousSibling;

property nextSibling: IDOMNode read get_nextSibling;

property attributes: IDOMNamedNodeMap read get_attributes;

property ownerDocument: IDOMDocument read get_ownerDocument;

property namespaceURI: DOMString read get_namespaceURI; { DOM Level 2 }

property prefix: DOMString read get_prefix; { DOM Level 2 }

property localName: DOMString read get_localName; { DOM Level 2 }


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