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A New Toolbar Can Boost Your Web Site Traffic Dramatically

As a review author, you donít always get a lot of say when it comes to the products that are put in front of you, so I consider myself lucky when Iím asked to write a review about a product that really excites me. This is one of those products! Sit back and learn a cutting edge new way to drive traffic to your site for free.

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By: Nilpo/Developer Shed Staff Writer
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January 10, 2007
  1. · A New Toolbar Can Boost Your Web Site Traffic Dramatically
  2. · Building the toolbar
  3. · Distribution and Branding
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A New Toolbar Can Boost Your Web Site Traffic Dramatically
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Any site owner will agree that marketing a web site is ten times harder than rolling one out. Itís a constant battle to keep your web site in the forefront and ahead of your competitors. The secret to winning that battle is actually a simple conceptóexposure.

What better exposure could you hope for than to have your site in front of people's faces even when theyíre on someone elseís? Thatís the idea behind banner advertising, but you can never get your banner on every site.  So, if you want to have your site in your visitorís browser, why not put it in their browser in the form of a useful toolbar?  The Conduit Community Toolbar allows you to do just that.

Weíve all seen how big companies like Google have benefited from the use of toolbars. Perhaps youíve even considered it yourself. But, in the past, creating a nice, professional looking toolbar was both difficult and expensive. It certainly wasnít a job for the faint of heart, and having one created professionally was time consuming and costly! Furthermore, each time you wanted to update your toolbar, you incurred those costs again.

If youíve been looking for an easy, cost-effective toolbar solution or a new marketing approach, the Conduit Community Toolbar may offer you just the solution youíve been searching for. Letís take a look at how easy it is to create high impact toolbars that put your web site right where it needs to be to be seen.

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