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Best Flash Photo Gallery Tutorials

There are plenty of ways to showcase your images through Flash galleries. Luckily, if you are just starting out there are plenty of tutorials on the web to help you out. This list contains a variety of some of the top Flash gallery tutorials that will help you get the most out of your images.

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June 03, 2011
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Best Flash Photo Gallery Tutorials
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Build a dynamic Flash and XML slideshow with scripted transitions

If you are looking to take a collection of images and present them in a nice, clean slideshow, this tutorial can help.  The end result is not one of the most complex you will find, but it should suffice for anyone looking to get their feet wet in slideshow creation.

The two main sectors of the tutorial deal first with dynamically loading images from an XML file.  Once that is accomplished, you are shown how to deal with any inconsistencies in image sizes through the use of the GreenSock Tween Max animation library.  As the images change from one to the next, the slideshow will resize and center itself according to any size differences among the images.  Do note that it's recommended to have some ActionScript knowledge prior to jumping into this tutorial.

Link: http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/xml/flash-slideshow-xml/

Create a shuffle gallery in Flash using XML and ActionScript 3.0

The gallery created in this tutorial is something that would work well on a personal site where someone wants to display images as if they were sitting shuffled on a tabletop.  If you click on any part of an image, it will come to the forefront in a zoomed size.  When you click on it to return it to the stack, it goes back in a randomized position, allowing you to click on and view another photo.  To add a bit of a realistic twist to the look of the gallery, each of the images has a Polaroid style border.  Left-clicking and holding any part of an images border allows you to drag it and drop it to the location of your choice.

The tutorial begins by showing you how to dynamically load the images and obtain information about them.  Next, you give the images a random center position and add a frame.  Drag functionality is implemented before the finishing touch of handling the zoom animation via Tween.

Link: http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/xml/shuffle-flash-photo-gallery/

Create an intelligent XML image gallery and slideshow in Flash CS4 (+PHP)

Here's another slideshow tutorial that comes packed with a solid set of features.  The author calls the gallery intelligent due to the fact that the configuration of a XML or Flash file is not necessary.  Once you place your Flash movie and images on a web server, the gallery will load the images automatically.  You can make the gallery work with a XML file by simply changing a couple lines of code.  For the gallery to load automatically, you'll need PHP support.

The tutorial is a bit complex and requires some Flash, ActionScript 3, and PHP knowledge.  The tutorial is also split into two parts.  Once you are finished, you can look forward to a gallery with several features.  First, it will automatically find images in a folder, as mentioned.  The images will center themselves automatically, and there's also a full screen option if you want a closer look.  The slideshow's speed can be adjusted to your liking as well.  All of these features are discussed in the first part of the tutorial.  The second part shows you how to do things such as make the slideshow static, spread the thumbnails automatically, and more.

Link: http://www.thetechlabs.com/tech-tutorials/xml/create-an-intelligent-xml-image-gallery-slideshow-in-flash-cs4-php-part-iii/

Create a gallery Flash tutorial

The Flash gallery you learn to create in this tutorial is rather standard, but it has just enough features to make it eye-catching to visitors.  As you click each thumbnail in the bottom row to get the picture in its larger size, a shrinking square transition kicks in to add a nice animation as you switch between images. 

The tutorial is broken up into six different sections.  Each of them contains plenty of pictures and descriptions so that you can follow along easily through the various steps.  It begins with an explanation of how the gallery will be created so that you get a better understanding of what's going on.  You then learn how to create a mask and add the gallery images.  Defining ActionScript variables is next, followed by steps on adding and animating the masks.  Lastly, you are taught how to add the images and create functional thumbnails with ActionScript.

Link: http://www.flash-game-design.com/flash-tutorials/flash-gallery-tutorial.html

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