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Do you enjoy playing Flash games but want to learn how to create some on your own? Here are some additional Flash game tutorials to accompany the ones we listed in the first part of this series.

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August 15, 2011

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Do you enjoy playing Flash games but want to learn how to create some on your own? Here are some additional Flash game tutorials to accompany the ones we listed in the first part of this series.

Build a Physics-Based Platformer in Under an Hour

Hereís a tutorial that teaches you how to create a game very quickly by using the World Construction Kit.  You will see a host of steps that result in a basic physics-based platformer game.  Youíll learn how to create coins, add enemies and suspended/static platforms, how to implement a scoring system, and more.  The end result is really more of a prototype of a platformer than a full-fledged game.  Regardless, the steps that are shown can give you some solid knowledge in the world of creating Flash games.

Link: http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/games/build-a-physics-based-platformer-in-under-an-hour/

Learn ActionScript 3 by Following this Simple Avoider Game Tutorial

Here is one tutorial that is really geared towards beginners.  You donít need any prior experience with Flash or ActionScript.  You donít even need to know the basics of programming, such as variables, functions, and loops, although that will obviously help.  Basically, all you need is an open mind and a good amount of time to follow this tutorial, which will show you the ropes on how to learn ActionScript 3.0.  Itís particularly effective if youíve been waiting to make the jump from ActionScript 2.0 to version 3.0 as well, as the author explains several differences between the two.  When all is said and done, you will gain plenty of ActionScript knowledge and apply it to the creation of an avoider style game. 

The tutorial is divided into twelve separate parts, so it will take some time to digest.  Itís actually a rewrite of a previous tutorial that was written for ActionScript 2.0, and changes have been made to make it follow AS3ís best practices.  The first part goes over the creation of the avoider game in its simplest form.  After that, there are various sections that teach you how to take the game to another level by adding more enemies, sound effects, a scorekeeping system, and much more.

Link: http://gamedev.michaeljameswilliams.com/2008/09/17/avoider-game-tutorial-1/

Build a Minesweeper Game within 200 Lines of Code

If you have enjoyed playing minesweeper in the past, hereís the chance to make one yourself.  The main draw of this tutorial is the concise nature of its code.  In short, you learn how to construct a minesweeper game via Flash and ActionScript 3.0 by using somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 lines of code.  The tutorial is intended for those on an intermediate level and takes approximately 1.5 hours to complete.

There are plenty of details and screenshots that accompany the tutorial to lead you along the way.  Every step of the process is broken down and explained as well.  Once you are finished, you can tweak the game by adding time limits, tweaking difficulty levels, and more.  You can even develop it for use on mobile or desktop platforms.

Link: http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/games/build-a-minesweeper-game-within-200-lines-of-code/

ShootingObjects Flash Tutorial

Space shooters are some of the most old fashioned yet fun games around.  No matter how simple they are, they seem to do a good job of keeping us occupied.  This tutorial shows you how to create the shooting object functionality using Flash.  Itís an extension of a previous tutorial by the author on how to create a basic space shooting game, so you have the option of downloading the basic platform if you are ready to jump right into learning about shooting objects. 

The tutorial is broken down into three parts.  The first part discusses how to create a destructible asteroid.  The second part tells you how to animate the asteroid, and the third and final part focuses on collision detection between the missile and asteroid.  There are easy to follow screenshots that accompany each step to give you a nice visual guide, making the tutorial very easy to follow and understand.

Link: http://www.flash-game-design.com/flash-tutorials/shootObject-flash-tutorial.html

Make a Spot the Difference Game

Looking for a game that tests your eyes?  Here it is.  The tutorial is very concise and teaches you how to create a spot the difference game using Flash and ActionScript.  The whole process is rather quick and painless, as you mostly have to concentrate on organizing the gameís assets properly.

The user-friendly tutorial is split into three parts.  The first begins by showing you how to set up the different levels.  Next comes the section on making the differences in the game, and the final part tells you how to write the code to make it all tie together.

Link: http://www.flash-game-design.com/flash-tutorials/make-a-spot-the-difference-game.html

Create a Drag and Drop Puzzle in ActionScript 3.0
The drag and drop function can come in handy in various situations, and this tutorial will show you how to implement its functionality into a fun puzzle matching game that tests your mind via ActionScript 3.0.  The object of the game is simple: simply match the online marketplaces to their categories by dragging and dropping them into place.  The marketplaces are represented by draggable MovieClips, and their categories that you need to match them to are the MovieClip targets.  The correctness of your moves is checked by using the hitTestObject method.

The tutorial is simple and explained in a good amount of detail that should help anyone that wants to learn ActionScript.  Since drag and drop functionality can be used in so many ways, the tutorial offers a valuable springboard that you can build off of. 

Link: http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/games/create-a-drag-and-drop-game-in-actionscript-3-0/

Build a Simple Flash Frisbee Game with AS3

The game at the heart of this tutorial may not be the most complex you will find, but it will give beginners a nice head start into toying around with Flash and ActionScript 3.0.  The object of the game is to launch a Frisbee into the air and to keep sending it up again to avoid hitting the ground.  Over time, the size of the Frisbee changes and you can collect some nifty power-ups.  The game looks good thanks to some pre-made graphic elements and an interface thatís powered by multiple ActionScript 3.0 classes.  You can also modify the class values to customize the game to your liking.  All in all, the tutorial takes around one hour to complete.

Link: http://active.tutsplus.com/tutorials/games/build-a-simple-flash-frisbee-game-with-as3/

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