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The Top Flash Tutorials for Menus

You really cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of menus and their role in site navigation. Since menus basically guide visitors and act as gateways through sites, they must be functional, but it also helps if they look good too. By adding some simple animation, sound, and other effects, you can make your visitors' experience on your site a memorable one. If you want to learn how to animate your menus, there are plenty of tools at your disposal. To help you get a quick start on the process, here is a list of some of the top Flash tutorials for menus.

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May 26, 2011
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The Top Flash Tutorials for Menus - 5 More Great Flash Tutorials for Menus
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Cubic menu

Here's a Flash tutorial that shows you how to create a menu with a unique look and format.  A cubic design is used that adds just enough animation to make things interesting.  You learn how to design the menu first, and you finish up by applying the animation and ActionScript to arrive at the final result.

Link: http://www.flashvault.net/tutorial.asp?ID=123

Shaky Flash menu with ActionScript 3

The menu effect achieved in this tutorial is very fun and features some great animation.  As you move your cursor over each menu item, the static, plain blocks suddenly come off the page in a shaking animation.  Besides the animation, the color of the individual blocks change as well.  This Flash menu can be used on any site, but is more suited for those with a fun, lighthearted vibe.

The animation is done using ActionScript.  To save time on coding, downloading TweenMax is suggested to help with animating the menu items.

Link: http://tutorials.flashmymind.com/2009/05/shaky-flash-menu-with-actionscript-3/

Colorful menu with XML and ActionScript 3

The menu created in this tutorial is basic in its form, but it has plenty of color and smooth animation to make it visually appealing.  As you move from one menu item to another in a vertical fashion, the menu scrolls along and each item changes color temporarily. 

The look and design of the menu is such that it would fit well on any site.  ActionScript 3 is used, and so is TweenMax for movement and animation.  As mentioned with another tutorial in this list, TweenMax offers the advantage of lessening the overall coding load.

Link: http://tutorials.flashmymind.com/2009/04/colorful-menu-with-xml-and-actionscript-3/

Advanced and powerful Flash menu with sound

While Flash animation can certainly add some flair to a menu, what about sound?  Adding sound to a menu not only helps to bring it to life, but it can be useful as well, since it adds an extra notification to users as they navigate throughout the menu.  This tutorial not only shows you how to create a Flash menu with sound, but it also packs in other interesting tips that you can implement in menus on a variety of sites. 

Link: http://www.toxiclab.org/tutorial.asp?ID=289

How to build a Flash ActionScript 3 XML menu

The menu created in this tutorial using Flash and ActionScript 3 does not offer any wild or outrageous animations, but it still makes the list for its appeal on just about any type of website you can imagine.  Once you are finished with the tutorial, you will know how to add buttons to the menu, as well as modify them until you get the desired result.

Link: http://www.fladev.com/featured/how-to-build-a-as3-xml-menu/

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