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5 Interesting Forum Posts

Today I'll take a look at what I think are 5 of the best posts from our forums over the last year or so...

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By: Mitchell Harper
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July 07, 2003
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5 Interesting Forum Posts - The Article (Contd.)
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Post 4 – Kinda Ironic? (by Nkunicki)

W3C’s “markup validation service” can be used to ascertain the correctness of a web page in terms of standards compliance. Yet, when the W3C’s own website is ran through the validation service, it fails to conform. Ironic and funny at the same time!

Nkunicki> http://validator.w3.org/check?uri=h...or.w3.org/check

Don't you think?

Stumpy> heheh - nice one

Mytch> Hahaha. Is XHTML an accepted standard yet? I haven't had the time to browse the W3C site lately. Its seems as though IE and now NS7 and Mozilla work with the different XHTML DTD's but everyone else is lacking behind?

Stumpy> Depends on what you mean by "accepted standard".

Officially, XHTML replaced HTML 4 a fair while back, and IE6 has excellent support for it. Who knows what going to with NS7 (does anyone bother catering for this anymore?)

If you mean: has the developer take up reflected the ratification of the standard - from what I've seen, not really.

Nkunicki> I dunno if it's the accepted standard, but I was checking my site against it just to see. Imagine my surprise after a little experimentation that the W3 site isnt XHTML compliant itself. Brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "Practice what you preach"

Post 5 – I am Suffering from Project-O-Phobia (by AmericanD)

New ideas are great. The problem comes when you have 10 new ideas at once and don’t know which one to pursue… if any at all. In this forum post AmericanD asks for help on starting new projects and trying to keep on track to finish them. A good motivational post for us all!

AmericanD> I need any possible advise from you guys. When i see or think of any new ideas in business, i want to get into it and do it. My partner always tells me to concentrate on what i'm doing right now and finish it first but my mind keeps taking me away, i hope you guys get the idea about my problem.. so any advise would be helpful.

thanks all

Nicat23> New ideas are always good! I'm always putting projects down for a temp basis to work on new things.. keeps the juices flowing.. My suggestion would be to simply work on things one at a time, do a little bit on each thing, that way nothing gets neglected, and you can work on your new stuff

AmericanD> thats true however the problem then is that nothing gets completed

Iahmed> When you decide to embark on any idea.

You may read the following book.

Bonnie Nardi. A Small Matter of Programming: Perspectives on End User Computing. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1993

Aspnewbie> I can totally relate. I love "starting" new projects. It's the thinking that's required upfront that I find really stimulating. But there is only so much time in the day. So while I like to work on a 4-5 projects at a time, before taking on one more, I *try* to finish one off.

Laidbak> Its simple. I carry a notepad around with me all the time. If I have an idea I write it down. There have been times when I've even left myself a voicemail because I did not have a notepad.

The notepad is always clean the next day because I make sure to type my notes into notepad or word and save them in a folder called "IDEAS". I keep this in the "My Documents" folder which is backed up once a week at least.

The cool part about typing them in is that you get to look over the idea one more time before commiting to it. 50% of the time you can catch a BS idea and toss it into another folder. I call that folder "IDEAS/BS"

The idea here is that you really never lose your idea and if you find a way to improve on a BS idea later you can access it easily.

There is no way you are going to get anything done and well if you do too many things at once. I set MS Outlook to remind me further investigate ideas on a project.

Once I have commited to the project I pretty much manage it on paper.

I've worked a few projects out of MS Project but I am still not as comfortable with it as I'd like to be. I hear there are some good alternatives but I haven't played with those at all. Any suggestions/experience anyone want to share?

AmericanD> iahmed : thanks for the suggestion , i'll look for the book and read some reviews on amazon first.

aspnewbie : ya getting more projects does work for people who dont mind working under pressure. i might be one of them too

laidback : i really miss carrying a notepad. everyday i plan to go to our bookstore and get some small notepads that can be carried in a pocket but then i forget . its a very nice idea. sometimes i can add small details about a project every other day and then end up writing a full sketch of it just ready to be typed on a PC. a very good friend of mine also suggested that earlier..

*heading to the bookstore before going to work to get some notepads*

thanks all!

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