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More Best PSD to HTML Tutorials

The first time that we produced a list of some of the top PSD to HTML tutorials, we noted that they were plentiful on the internet. As such, it seemed fitting to offer up more examples of some of the best tutorials on the subject, so here they are.

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June 30, 2011

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The first time that we produced a list of some of the top PSD to HTML tutorials, we noted that they were plentiful on the internet. As such, it seemed fitting to offer up more examples of some of the best tutorials on the subject, so here they are.

How to Code a Clean Minimalist HTML/ CSS Website Layout

As you can probably tell, this tutorial was created with beginners in mind.  You won't find any advanced techniques here, and Photoshop slicing is not required either.  Everything is basic, but you will learn how to code a HTML/CSS layout when you are done.  If anything, it's a decent place to begin if you are leery of complex tutorials on the subject and just want to get your feet wet.

Link: http://www.designzzz.com/coding-minimalist-html-css-website-layout/

Slice and Dice that PSD

If you prefer tutorials in video form over text, this one should help immensely when it comes to slicing up a Photoshop document to eventually convert the theme to HTML and CSS.  The tutorial is very easy to follow and a good place to start for beginners.  It consists of two lengthy videos.  The first video is almost 24 minutes long and it discusses writing the markup.  The second video is nearly 52 minutes long and discusses coding the CSS.  While the tutorial is long in its entirety, you'll be hard pressed to find a better one that guides you through every necessary step of slicing up a PSD document.

Link: http://net.tutsplus.com/articles/news/slice-and-dice-that-psd/

Code a Corporate Website from a Photoshop Design

Here's another tutorial that continues off a previous one where a design was constructed in Photoshop.  This time around, the website has a corporate theme, and the design gets coded into HTML and CSS.  The PSD from the first part of the tutorial can be downloaded, and you can take things from there.  Every single step of the process is broken down into easy to follow steps. 

The PSD is first divided various images, then the page is coded into HTML.  Next, CSS is introduced to add some basic styling for links, paragraphs, etc.  The tutorial is a mixed bag of tips for beginners, as well as some advanced features.  Overall, it's a good place to start, and the corporate theme of the website might appeal to those seeking to jump into designing for that sector.

Link: http://designm.ag/tutorials/corporate-psd-to-html/

Designing a Highly Professional Website, From the Sketch to the Code

If you are in need of a tutorial that shows you every single step of the process of designing a website from beginning to end, this is it.  You'll learn how to create a professional, eye-catching website for a fictional architecture firm.   The web layout is grid-based and has a very modern look that you can take and apply to future projects.  The tutorial begins from scratch, as you see how to design the layout using Photoshop.   You will see how to construct the header, slider, middle container, footer, etc. 

Once the PSD is done, it's time to move on to creating the HTML and CSS structure.  This section is broken down into the basics beforehand, so you won't get confused in the conversion process.  The tutorial is lengthy, but it has to be due to all the detail involved.  Plus, the final product looks great and has a professional feel to it.

Link: http://wegraphics.net/blog/tutorials/designing-a-highly-professional-website-from-the-sketch-to-the-code/

Convert a 3D Portfolio Dark Layout from PSD to HTML

Detail is the strong point of this tutorial, and nothing is really left to the imagination.  That's a good thing, especially if you are trying to learn the correct method of PSD to HTML conversion.  The tutorial is a continuation of a previous discussion on creating a dark web layout using Photoshop, so you will need to work your way through that link first.  Some background on the 960 Grid System is helpful as well, as is a tutorial on creating a slideshow using jQuery.  All of these links are contained in the tutorial for easy access and should be viewed before starting. 

When all is said and done, you will have created a layout using a CSS framework that incorporates some CSS styling and JavaScript that converts into valid HTML and CSS.  Cross-browser compatibility is also stressed.  The tutorial is quite long, especially when you add in all the prerequisites.  However, it does provide a solid base for you to learn PSD to HTML conversion that you can build upon when designing websites in the future.

Link: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/css/convert-3d-portfolio-dark-layout-from-psd-to-html/

Convert your Product Landing Page from PSD to HTML

While most of the tutorials in this list concentrate on actual website designs, this one focuses on a product landing page.  Landing pages are essential sales tools if you have an online business, and the impression they make on visitors could mean the difference between gaining a customer and losing one.

As with the previous tutorial from this website, here you will need a few prerequisites before you get started.  First, you will need to visit the tutorial on creating a landing page using Photoshop.  You will also need the 960 Grid System, plus Slides, which is a slideshow plugin for jQuery.

Once you have the prerequisites, you will go through all the steps needed to convert your landing page design from PSD to HTML.  You'll be shown how to organize your files properly, how to create a simple HTML layout, tweak the header, add slider content, styling, and JavaScript, plus more.  There's also a section on creating a newsletter signup form with HTML and CSS, and this can obviously be implemented into a ton of different projects in the future.  There's plenty of detail that covers every part of your landing page, so when you are finished, you will have the skills necessary to create successful landing pages with ease.

Link: http://www.1stwebdesigner.com/css/psd-html-landing-page-tutorial/

How to Code Up a Web Design from PSD to HTML

This tutorial plays off of a previous one from the site that covered designing a snowboarding website concept via Photoshop.  With the Photoshop document in place, you now learn how to code up a complete mockup of the site in HTML and CSS using semantic code and complying to standards.  The entire process is finished off with a bit of jQuery. 

Of course, you have access to the first part of the tutorial that details all the steps needed to make the Photoshop document, so don't worry about being out of place when you begin.  Once the PSD is in hand, the tutorial shows you how to properly slice up your design concept.  Next, you build the HTML structure, including the header, content, and footer.   The tutorial continues with CSS styling for some added flair, and then JavaScript is added to help execute a slideshow effect. 

Link: http://line25.com/tutorials/how-to-code-up-a-web-design-from-psd-to-html

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