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Virtual Interview: Markus Maki

This week I had the chance to interview Markus Maki. Markus is part of the MadOnion.com team, which develops interactive benchmarking software. In this interview, Markus talks about MadOnion, his gaming background, as well as why he thinks the 3DMark series of benchmarking software has been so successful.

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By: Tim Pabst
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January 01, 2002
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Virtual Interview: Markus Maki - The Interview (contd.)
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6. You were one of the original founders of Remedy Entertainment, which has just released the hit action shooter Max Payne. Could you tell us how Remedy Entertainment came about?

Simply put, back in 1995 there was a lot of talent in Finland both programming and artistic wise. A bunch of friends, all computer enthusiasts (from the demo scene) wanted to find something fun to do after our studies. We did concepts and prototypes from a few games, and luck brought us together with 3D Realms and we started making our first game, Death Rally. As they say, the rest is history (and hard work)!

7. With technology changing at such a rapid rate, where do you see yourself five years down the track?

Hopefully making games! I don't think the changes in technology would be that radical that they would bring any big revolutions in the way MadOnion works or game developers work. At least not within the next five years.

8. The performance analyzer is one of the best uses for current technology that I have ever seen! How many people were involved in its creation, and was the idea just a natural continuation from the 3DMark series?

I'm glad you like it! The Performance Analyzer has only formed to be a real product fairly recently, but the ideas and the technology have been evolving for a long time. We introduced our first internet-based performance comparison technique, Online ResultBrowser back in 1999 after the release of 3DMark 99 MAX. Since then we have been developing and prototyping both the technology and our business model.

We have lots of cool plans for the future of the Performance Analyzer, and also a few interesting benchmark launches coming up... It's going to be a good year 2002!

That wraps up my virtual interview with Markus Maki, of MadOnion.com. You can visit the MadOnion web site at http://www.madonion.com.
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