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Virtual Interview: Vince Oostindie

Our virtual interviews are back! Join Elan as he talks with Vince Oostindie (creator of Eclipse - a PHP library) about his programming expertise, Eclipse, the future of programming and his thoughts on .NET.

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By: Elan Bechor
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October 07, 2002
  1. · Virtual Interview: Vince Oostindie
  2. · A Little Background...
  3. · Vince's Thoughts
  4. · Vince's Thoughts (contd.)
  5. · Conclusion

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Virtual Interview: Vince Oostindie
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Vince Oostindie is the author of the Eclipse library, an object-orientated programming library written in PHP. The library contains the following features, as taken from his site:
  • Fully object-oriented: unlike many other so-called object-oriented libraries, this one truly is. It was designed and implemented using Design Patterns and Refactoring, resulting in a set of lean and efficient classes, instead of the large, bloated classes you normally see.
  • Abstraction and layering: by using Eclipse, you can abstract from the problem you're solving, and implement a solution in a much more generic way than would normally be the case. At the same time, the resulting code can be nicely layered, making it much easier to understand and making it almost trivial to replace parts of the code without interfering with the rest of the system. Advanced object-oriented programming techniques like object composition are immediately applicable with Eclipse.
  • Extensible: some classes in the library are abstract base classes, others have template methods to simplify subclasses, and still others allow their behavior to be influenced by supplying it with some specialized object. Eclipse is extensible in many ways, using simple and straightforward methods.
  • Simple and efficient: each of the classes in Eclipse is extremely simple, as you are heartily invited to see for yourself. By being simple, the classes are also efficient: every class does a single job as simple and efficient as possible. It is my strong belief that every large and complex problem can be broken down into smaller, simpler ones. Solving these simple ones is an easy task with Eclipse.
  • Generally applicable: although mostly aimed at web applications, Eclipse can also be used as a library for other software systems. Whether you need to parse text files to import them in a database, build complete dynamic database-driven web sites, write templating systems or implement complex content management systems, Eclipse can be used as a starting point for all of your programming practices.
  • Code cleanliness: by using Eclipse you can write code that reads like pseudo-code, allowing you to concentrate completely on the problem your solving instead of having to sprinkle your code with hard-to-follow lower-level function calls.
Vince never hesitates to speak his mind about anything that deals with programming, and in this virtual interview he discusses his programming background and what the Eclipse library is, amongst other things.
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