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Installing MySQL With MySQLGraphic

Sure, you've used PHPMyAdmin, but have you heard of MySQLGraphic? In this article Peter shows us what it is and what it can do for us...

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By: Peter Lavin
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June 23, 2003
  1. · Installing MySQL With MySQLGraphic
  2. · Configuring MySQL Java
  3. · Installing MySQLGraphic
  4. · Downloading and Installing the Demo Database
  5. · Conclusion

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Installing MySQL With MySQLGraphic - Installing MySQLGraphic
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Installing MySQLGraphic

Go to the URL, http://www.peterlavin.com/~mysqlgraphic/index.html and click on the download link. On the page you are redirected to find:


2003-06-05 21:00






Click on the jar link and MySQLGraphic will be downloaded in seconds.

The MySQLGraphic jar file may be run from any directory. The simplest way to run this file is to type, at the command line, java -jar MySQLGraphic1.2.5.jar. In the example below the MySQLGraphic jar file must be located on the current userís desktop and the Java executable file must be set in the PATH variable.



You may suppress the appearance of a DOS window by creating a shortcut that issues the command javaw -jar MySQLGraphic1.2.5.jar.


It is possible to run a jar file under Windows by simply double-clicking it. To do this you need to ensure that executable jar files are associated with the right command. Double-click the MySQLGraphic file. If the splash screen appears youíre all set. If not you will need to edit the properties of Executable Jar Files from the Folder Options window of the Tools menu item of any folder window in Explorer. See the picture below:



You may have to add the jar file type or the open action may need to be edited. Find below an example of how the open action may be set.



Set the path according to the location of the Java Runtime Environment on your computer. If you have just downloaded the version suggested above this path should be C:\Program Files\Java\j2re1.4.0\ bin\javaw.exe. Donít forget the quotation marks. They are essential.


Getting Started


Now that MySQLGraphic is running, click the Database menu item and then choose Open. You should see something very similar to the screen below.



Fill in the textboxes as pictured above. No security is implemented when MySQL is first installed so neither a user name nor password is required. You will know that the database has opened when you see the database name and the MySQL version number in the title bar. The test database does not have any tables in it so why not get started by creating a table. Open a Query window and type, CREATE TABLE tbltemp ( id integer ). Check the Tables menu item. There should now be an entry there.

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