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Using Sun Java Studio Creator with SVG

Scalable Vector Graphics is a language that will help make Rich Internet Client Applications a reality. This article will show you how to embed SVG files in JSP using Sun Java Studio Creator.

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By: Jayaram Krishnaswamy
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March 05, 2007
  1. · Using Sun Java Studio Creator with SVG
  2. · Adding a JSP or HTML page
  3. · SVG files used in this tutorial
  4. · Embedding into a JSP page

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Using Sun Java Studio Creator with SVG
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The buzz phrase on the Internet is Rich Internet Client Applications, with the client, not the web server, in the driver's seat. The client will take on much of the presentation, data processing and state management roles similar to the way the client applications take over in a client/server architecture. This makes servers happier with less to perform.

AJAX was one of the constructs that helped in this development. JavaScript, which plays a major role in AJAX, is entering a new era of development with XML enhancements, JSON, and JavaScript-based toolkits such as Dojo. These developments, with added support from SVG for multiple fonts and scalable graphics, will make Rich Internet Applications a reality. Scalable Vector Graphics, an XML based language for graphics, is a W3C standard that is now supported by most browsers, including IE 7.0 (with a plug-in). This tutorial looks at embedding SVG graphic files in JSP using Sun Java Studio Creator.

Using Sun Java Studio Creator IDE for embedding SVG files

Sun Java Studio Creator did not support SVG files in its earlier version; most browsers did not even support SVG at that time. Things have changed and some browsers natively support SVG.  Even in the present version, Sun Java Studio Creator does not easily support adding files with the SVG extension. However, it is possible to use the IDE to bring in an SVG file and embed it in an HTML file or a JSP file. This tutorial shows how you can bring an SVG file into the IDE and properly reference the embedded file.

Creating a web application project

The first step is to create a web application project. File-->New Project will give access to the window shown next, where you would create a JSF web application. Highlight Web in the categories area and click the Next button.

Clicking the Next button in the above window will open the following window, where you provide a name for the project. Here it is named DisplaySvg. The project file and folder location are added by default, but you can place them at another location of your choice.

You open a window where you can create a new JSF web application project. In this tutorial a project called DisplaySvg was created.

When you click Finish a complete project with all the necessary files, folders, and so on will be created for you, except for the JSP or HTML pages you will be creating.

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