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A Close Look at the Yahoo Button Control

If you've ever wanted a little help with the user interfaces for your web site, you might want to learn about the Yahoo Button Control. It comes from Yahoo's UI framework, and can help you to create an interactive and professional-looking front end for your web site. This article, the first one in a five-part series, gives you a taste of what you can do with it.

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By: Alejandro Gervasio
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November 20, 2007
  1. · A Close Look at the Yahoo Button Control
  2. · Introducing a basic example
  3. · Using an existing radio button
  4. · Building a Button Control using a simple checkbox

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A Close Look at the Yahoo Button Control
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If youíre a web developer who likes to use third-party libraries during the development of different web projects, then itís quite possible that you may have heard already about the Yahoo Developer Center web site, and its impressive network.

Of course, if this name doesnít ring any bells for you, then let me tell you that this web site, which you can visit by pointing out your browser to:  http://developer.yahoo.com, provides web developers with a huge variety of libraries, built-in user interface components, CSS frameworks, and so forth. These items are targeted to an assortment of development technologies, ranging from implementing robust AJAX and Python applications, to building numerous Web services with PHP, to name a few.

However, despite the plethora of web applications that truly can take advantage of the vast arsenal of pre-built software packages offered by the Yahoo Developer Center, thereís one is particular that might be quite useful when it comes to building rich user interfaces. As you might have guessed, Iím talking about the powerful Yahoo UI framework, which offers numerous web-based controls that can be really useful for facilitating and empowering the development of professional-looking front-ends.

As I expressed earlier, the framework in question has been packaged with a decent number of pre-built widgets, such as calendars and color pickers, sliders and auto-completers, interactive menus and DOM utilities, and certainly the list goes on and on.

Nonetheless, in this series of articles, specifically Iím going to take a closer look at one of these widgets, called the ďButton Control.Ē Logically, as its name clearly suggests, this handy Yahoo component allows to build easily and with minor efforts all sorts of interactive buttons, ranging from simple controls for building web forms (i.e. radio and checkboxes), to full-featured drop-down menus.

In addition, Button Control elements can be built by using different approaches, that is by using simple, standard markup, or directly from JavaScript. This demonstrates the excellent flexibility offered by this type of Yahoo control.

So, if the use of Yahoo Button Controls is an interesting topic to you, itís time to move on and start learning how to built them and include them into your own web sites in no time. Letís go!

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