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Javascript: More Loops and Events

In our last tutorial we covered functions and a portion of loops, leaving off at the While loop. In this tutorial we will continue with the Do While Loop and hopefully work our way through to a taste of JavaScript Events.

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By: James Payne
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November 14, 2007
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Javascript: More Loops and Events - Finishing Loops
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Remember that band? I don't. I mean, what songs did they play? Oh yeah, you are right. Hot Blooded, Head Games, and who can forget Cold as Ice? I guess I can, actually. What did they have, a temperature fetish?

For...In is another way to loop. You use it when you want to loop though the values held in an array. I know we haven't covered arrays yet, but we will. For now just know that arrays are similar to boxes, like variables are. Except that where variables hold one value, arrays hold many values. Sort of like a box full of variables.

You can also use the For...In on variables and objects (we will discuss these later as well). For now though, let's loop through that array.



<script type="text/javascript">

var dogs

var mydogs = new Array()

mydogs[0] = "Linus"

mydogs[1] = "Charlie"

mydogs[2] = "Violet"

mydogs[3] = "Molly Volly"

mydogs[4] = "Sally Anne"

mydogs[5] = "Lucy (RIP)"

mydogs[6] = "Schroeder (Enjoy the new home)"

for (dogs in mydogs)


document.write(mydogs[dogs] + "<br />")





You can tell several things from the above code: 1) I have too many dogs 2) I named them all after Peanuts characters (Molly Volly is Snoopy's tennis instructor) and 3) If I have any say in it (which I don't) my next dog will be named Pigpen.

Aside from that, here is how the program works. We create a variable named dogs, then an array named mydogs. We then assign the array 7 values (0 is the first value in the array). The values are my dogs' names. We then use the For...In statement to loop through the array and finally print out the values. Note that the For...In line is the one that says: for (dogs in mydogs)

That is it for our coverage of loops. In an entirely new series on JavaScript we will discuss Events, which allow the user to trigger certain things within a browser. They help provide a truly interactive experience and are fun to work with. As I sometimes do, I am going to leave you with a table listing the various Events.




Occurs when the loading of an image is interrupted


Occurs when an element loses focus


Occurs when the user changes a field


Occurs when a user's mouse clicks an object


Occurs when user double-clicks an object


Occurs when an error happens while loading a document or an image


Occurs when an element has focus


Occurs when a key on the keyboard is pressed


Occurs when a key on a keyboard is pressed or held down


Occurs when a keyboard key is released


Occurs when a page or an image finishes loading


Occurs when a mouse button is pressed


Occurs when a mouse is moved


Occurs when a mouse if moved off of an element


Occurs when a mouse is moved onto an element


Occurs when a mouse button is released


Occurs when the reset button is clicked


Occurs when a window or frame is resized


Occurs when text is Selected


Occurs when the submit button is clicked


Occurs when the user exits the page

Beautiful ain't it?

Till then...

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