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More Top JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries

While we have supplied you with lists of some of the best JavaScript frameworks and libraries in the past, there are many more that were not mentioned. This list will give you more JavaScript frameworks and libraries to keep an eye on that can help make the development experience a more efficient and enjoyable one.

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September 12, 2011

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While we have supplied you with lists of some of the best JavaScript frameworks and libraries in the past, there are many more that were not mentioned. This list will give you more JavaScript frameworks and libraries to keep an eye on that can help make the development experience a more efficient and enjoyable one.


Modernizr is a widely used JavaScript library that focuses on giving its users a boost when it comes to creating websites and applications using HTML5 and CSS3.  The libraryís main function is to whether or not a current browser has certain native features from HTML5 and CSS3 implemented.  In other words, Modernizr is a handy and reliable tool that tells you what you can and cannot do with a browser. 

Having such an overview of functionality and capability is essential, as you will know what specific features you can take advantage of with respect to certain browsers.  Even with browsers that cannot render certain features, you will have the necessary knowledge of how to approach the problem.  It takes just milliseconds for Modernizr to test for 40-plus features of next-generation technologies like HTML5 and CSS3, and it offers extensive detail as well.

Link: http://www.modernizr.com/


The Dojo JavaScript toolkit is geared more towards experienced developers who are involved in the creation of advanced desktop and mobile web applications.  As with most of the frameworks and libraries we have listed, Dojo is a great tool that supplies users with excellent performance and enhanced functionality that not only enriches the app building process, but also helps to save time in the end.

The toolkit term is definitely appropriate here, as Dojo is not lacking in the features department.  First and foremost, you get extensive documentation and a community dedicated to Dojo to help you along the way.  As far as the real features, they begin with potent base APIs that simplify common tasks.  You can query easily with CSS, animate elements, and more while keeping performance at peak levels.  Dojo also functions on mobile and desktop environments for true flexibility.  Interested in HTML5?  It comes with many of the languages newest capabilities, such s 3D effects and geolocation, just to name a couple.  You can implement high quality charts and graphs into your apps too, without having to worry about browser compatibility.  Dojo also comes with rich UI widgets to help with input validation, calendars, and the list goes on.

If you need any further coaxing to give Dojo a try, some of the companies that have used it to create web apps include AOL, Cisco, IBM, and Sun.

Link: http://dojotoolkit.org/


MochiKit is a suite of JavaScript libraries that is characterized by extensive testing and solid documentation.  MochiKitís creators combined their collective experience in other arenas like Python and applied what they learned to the JavaScript world.  The end result is highly used product that helps developers build applications with quickness and ease. 

MochiKit stresses platform compatibility to ensure that your work will not be wasted.  If you do run into problems, its 100 percent documentation is sure to come in handy.  Itís also server-agnostic and compatible with all the major browsers.  If reliability, documentation, and flexibility are what you are looking for from a JavaScript library, MochiKit is worthy of serious consideration.

Link: http://mochi.github.com/mochikit/index.html

Ext JS

Ext JS is a JavaScript framework that offers a solid platform for creating rich apps across different browsers.  The frameworkís latest version, Ext JS 4, comes equipped with a host of new features that build upon the functionality provided in earlier versions.  A trip to the official website reveals some pretty impressive statistics regarding Ext JS 4ís new and improved feature set.  Documentation has been increased by 65 percent over version 3.3, and there are 50 new classes and 350 new APIs thrown into the mix as well. 

Developers can use MVC architecture during the app building process, giving them the power to add even more interactivity to their apps.  The framework also specializes in offering superb charting and graphing capabilities, no matter what operating system or browser is being used.  Ext JS 4ís features are too long to list here, but if you are in the need for a framework that increases efficiency when it comes to writing, optimizing, and deploying apps, you wonít be disappointed here.

Link: http://www.sencha.com/products/extjs/

jQuery UI

jQuery UI is built on top of the immensely popular jQuery JavaScript library.  It helps developers to build web apps that are highly interactive thanks to a strong set of features.  jQuery UI offers various core interaction plugins for behaviors such as dragging and dropping, resizing, selecting, and sorting.  Its widgets, which include slider, tabs, datepicker, autocomplete, and more, come loaded with several options and are fully themeable.  There are also visual effects and utilities for even more functionality.  jQuery UI is user-friendly, focuses on web standards, and is compatible with all the major browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

Link: http://jqueryui.com/


If you look closely at its name, you can guess that Validanguage deals with form validation.  Itís an open-source library that comes equipped with several features and is compatible with all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and more to give users ultimate flexibility and functionality. 

Validanguage was created to be used by both developers experienced with JavaScript and those just getting into the game.  This comes through not only in the libraryís documentation, but also the way in which it functions.  Validanguage requires no external libraries or inline event handlers and is unobtrusive in nature.  You can configure custom validation functions with ease, plus much more.  The library also supports your choice of a HTML-like API or a JavaScript object-based API to suit your needs.

Link: http://www.drlongghost.com/validanguage.php


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