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More of the Top jQuery Social Plugins

Today we will supplement our first article that showcased the top jQuery social plugins by listing even more of them for you to choose from.

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April 25, 2012

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Today we will supplement our first article that showcased the top jQuery social plugins by listing even more of them for you to choose from.

This is not the first time we have discussed the top jQuery plugins that can help you maximize your site’s presence through the omnipresent power of social networking.  Like jQuery plugins in other areas, there are many of the social networking variety that currently reside on the Web.  To give you even more to choose from, here are more of the top jQuery social plugins.


Hovercard is a lightweight jQuery plugin that stresses simplicity and a clean look.  It does this by displaying information once a visitor hovers their cursor over a label, link, or other HTML element.  This plugin would work well on a site where you list your biographical information and want others to follow your on the Web.  For instance, you could have a small blurb about yourself that includes a Hovercard when the person hovers over your name.  That card can contain links to your Facebook or Twitter accounts so that visitors can see more of your work.  You can also customize the card to feature whatever information you deem to be important.

Link: http://www.paulund.co.uk/using-social-media-hovercard-jquery-plugin

jQuery LiveTwitter

jQuery LiveTwitter is an appropriately named plugin that allows you to integrate Twitter into your site with ease.  Lightweight in nature, this plugin is perfect for adding Twitter, but in a personalized, meaningful way. 

With jQuery LiveTwitter, you can show a live stream of real-time tweets that are customized based on various criteria.  Want to add a stream of tweets based on specific search queries?  You can.  Want to only show tweets from a specific user or list?  You can.  Tweets can also be filtered by language, geographic location, and more.  The way in which LiveTwitter allows for customized, relevant tweets is essential, as it connects your visitors to related content that is live and fresh.

Link: http://elektronaut.github.com/jquery.livetwitter/

Bit.ly Button – jQuery Plugin for Your Clicky Post

In case you are unfamiliar with Bit.ly, it is a widely used URL shortening service that makes links easier on the eyes by condensing them.  This particular jQuery plugin deals with offering real-time statistics related to clicks on shortened links.  Using the plugin, you can see how popular posts are, which can give you a read on how to structure your content in the future.  The small count button can be implemented to appear either tall or wide, and visitors can also use the button to retweet the post quickly.  In addition to its useful functionality, the plugin does its best to not affect page loading time through the use of CSS3 styles embedded in the script.

Link: http://www.moretechtips.net/2010/07/bitly-button-jquery-plugin-for-your.html

Gmail/Facebook Style jQuery Chat

The chat modules used in Gmail and Facebook are simple, yet effective.  This plugin allows you to achieve that same functionality and simplicity with ease.  You can add a nice little chat module to your site that visitors can use to communicate with one another.

Some of the highlights of the chat module include auto-resizing of the boxes, auto-scrolling of chat text, minimize and close options, and a timestamp that kicks in after a certain amount of inactivity.  Since a major goal is to have your visitors interact while on your site, adding a useful chat module such as the one provided here is a good step to making your site even more appealing.

Link: http://anantgarg.com/2009/05/13/gmail-facebook-style-jquery-chat/

Twitter Friends and Followers Widget

Twitter Friends and Followers is a social jQuery plugin that integrates Twitter into your site with a bit of a personal touch.  Rather than showing just a stream of tweets, it shows a bunch of pictures of your Twitter friends in a stylish manner.  This helps to add a little bit of life to a page and puts a face on your fans.  By doing so, it could encourage others to participate as well and join in the fun.

Twitter Friends and Followers is an answer to the seemingly endless array of widgets that currently exist for Facebook fans. With Twitter becoming so popular, it is definitely time for it to get its proper due, so having such a plugin is a real plus.  The plugin is customizable, allowing you to embed the widget wherever you would like to on your page.  You can choose to display profile pictures of either those who follow you, or those who you follow.  You can also leverage the option of posting their latest tweets.

Link: http://www.moretechtips.net/2009/10/twitter-friends-followers-widget-jquery.html

Google+ Activity Widget

Google+ may not be as popular as Facebook or Twitter as of yet, but with a powerhouse company like Google behind the social network, it is way too early to say it will not be competitive in the future.  Your site should try to integrate as many social networking sites as possible to not leave any potential visitors out of the loop, and adding the Google+ Activity Widget is one way to ensure your Google+ fans stay included.

With Google+ Activity Widget, you can add your Google+ profile to your site to include recent posts and attached images.  As an added bonus, the plugin also lets you display posts from your Google+ Brand Page, if you have one.  Visitors also have the option to add you to their circles with just one click.

Link: http://www.moretechtips.net/2011/09/google-activity-widget-jquery-plugin.html

Well, there you have it.  This concludes our two-part series on the top jQuery social plugins.  We covered a little bit of everything with these plugins.  Some worked with multiple social networking sites, while others were focused on particular ones, such as Twitter.  We obviously could not cover them all in just two articles, but hopefully we gave you enough of a sampling to do some more plugin hunting on your own.  As always, if you feel there is a jQuery social plugin worth mentioning that was left off the list, feel free to share it with others in the comments section, and keep coming back to DevArticles for more in the future.

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