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The Top jQuery Social Plugins

Today we will discuss some of the top jQuery plugins around the Web that will help increase your site’s popularity by leveraging the power of social networking.

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April 18, 2012

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Today we will discuss some of the top jQuery plugins around the Web that will help increase your site’s popularity by leveraging the power of social networking.

Whether in the online or real world, it seems as if social networking is everywhere now.  Sites like Facebook and Twitter have become insanely popular with the masses and have even made their way into mainstream media.  As is the case, social networking is an extremely powerful tool that you cannot ignore. 

If you have a new or pre-existing site, you can increase your presence by using social networking to your advantage.  One way to do this is through the use of some nifty jQuery plugins that have been developed to make things easier for you.  This list will feature some of the top jQuery social plugins on the Web that you can implement to grow your site’s popularity without having to do too much legwork. 

SMover – A jQuery Social Media Plugin

The name SMover is derived from the terms social media hover.  The plugin takes a site’s appearance into account by hiding social media icons.  However, when those icons are needed, access is granted with ease so visitor’s can start sharing your content.

An example of how SMover works is having the words “Share Page” in simple text.  If you hover your mouse cursor over the words, multiple social networking icons will appear through a smooth animation.  You can then choose which icon pertains to your social network to continue the sharing process.

While SMover is ideal for social networking purposes, its format allows you to use it for other things as well.  For instance, you can tweak the plugin to work in conjunction with actions on a document.  Let’s say you have a place on your site to send documents.  Hovering the cursor over “Send Document” brings up icons to send the document to a printer, a person, or the trash.  SMover also lets you customize various settings to make it work exactly how you want it to.

Link: http://beneverard.github.com/SMover/#introduction


Twitter seems to have spawned a love/hate relationship around the Web.  Some people love its concise format, while others cannot stand its existence.  Regardless, you cannot deny Twitter’s popularity and importance as a social networking tool. 

The jTweetsAnywhere plugin lets you integrate Twitter services into your site with ease with just a few lines of JavaScript.  Some of its highlights include Twitter search, display of multiple tweets from others, quick follow ability right from your site, and real-time tickers.
Link: http://thomasbillenstein.com/jTweetsAnywhere/

So So Social Plugin Powered by jQuery and YQL

The news feed on Facebook gives both you and your friends a nice little chronological history of your online social networking activity.  The So So Social plugin does the same, only it does it by collecting RSS feeds from multiple social networks that you participate in.  All of these updates get combined into a single news feed that give a complete overview of your social networking antics.

The plugin uses jQuery and the Yahoo Query Language to work its magic.  It is lightweight in nature, easy to install and configure, and can be customized to fit your needs via CSS and JavaScript.  Some of the services it supports with default icons include Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, and more.  You can also extend the plugin to include any social networking sites that are missing.

Link: http://johnpatrickgiven.com/jquery/soSoSocial/


It may have an oddly-spelled name, but Sharrre is a solid little jQuery plugin that is great for sharing content.  The plugin essentially gives you the power to create widgets for some of the top social websites on the Web, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Digg, Delicious, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. 

Only 3.9KB in size, Sharrre is highly customizable when it comes to creating your own sharing buttons.  If you do not like the default sharing buttons that represent the different social networking sites, you can create your own.  The plugin also takes page performance into account.  It improves page loading by calling the API buttons just once on demand, no matter how many buttons you have.  Sharrre integrates like a charm and even offers Google Analytics so you can gain better insight into your site’s visitors.  As an example, you can see a percentage breakdown of how many visitors came from Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.

Link: http://sharrre.com/

jQuery: Share It!

Just as its title suggests, this jQuery plugin was created with sharing in mind.  It uses a nifty little slide animation to hide and toggle social networking icons to not only keep your site’s appearance clean, but also make it functional for visitors eager to spread the word.  I would not call it the prettiest plugin around in terms of the final result, but it does function well and serves a useful purpose.

Link: http://joanpiedra.com/jquery/shareit/


This plugin is very simple in both its appearance and function.  MobilyBlocks is only 2KB in size and gives you the capability to create an unordered list of social networking icons that form a circle once prompted.  At first glance, you see a standard share button.  Clicking on it will cause an animated circle to appear that has various social networking icons.  The look is clean and minimalistic and the animation looks great.  This is a good plugin to use if you want to integrate social networking into your site without affecting its appearance with a lot of clutter.

Link: http://playground.mobily.pl/jquery/mobily-blocks.html

That just about wraps up this list of the top jQuery social plugins.  We included a mix of everything to let you see just a sampling of what is out there.  Did we leave off any social plugins that you feel are worthy of a download?  If so, list them in the comments section.  Also, be on the lookout for an upcoming list in the future that will showcase more of the top jQuery social plugins.  After all, there are so many of them on the Web that there is no way we could do them justice with just one list.

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