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Logging with PHP

In this article, Tim shows us how to log hits on all of your web sites. They can even be on separate servers around the world.

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By: Tim Perdue
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February 06, 2003
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Logging with PHP - Source Code
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  //gif11.php accepts these parameters:
$c; //correlates to fld_affil_num in the database -
   //unique for each site
$s; //correlates to fld_special in the database
$b; //random number - forces the gif to load, even if cached
   //generated by PHP and discarded


//don't have any extra spaces outside the <? ?>
//  or you could have a broken gif come back

Header( "Content-type: image/gif");
passthru( "cat clear.gif" ); //send a 1x1 gif

$logger_action=5;  //impression
$logger_special=$s; //move the $s param for the logger
$fld_affil_num=$c; //ditto for the $c param

include('connect.inc'); //connect to the DB SERVER
include('logger.inc'); //Exanded below


PHP Code to generate the GIF URL:


<IMG SRC="http://www.yourserver.com/util/gif11.php?c=4&s=phpbuildercom&b=<?
echo $random_num; ?>" height=1 width=1>



//Connect to the PostgreSQL database

$conn = pg_pconnect("user=myname dbname=my_db");

//I use a persistent connection instead of opening
//and closing the connection tens of thousands
//of times/day

if (!$conn) {
  echo "An error occured.\n"; //amateur error detection




//ACTIONS - 1=get 2=click-thru 3=clickin 4=jump2zip 5=impression

if (!$logger_action) {echo "error in logger"; exit;}
if (!$logger_special) {echo "error in logger"; exit;}

//The following should be on one long line...

$logger_sql="insert into tbl_activity_log values (".date("Ymd", mktime()).", ". //PHP method to build date
  "'".date("H", mktime())."', ". //PHP method to get hour
  "'$REMOTE_ADDR', ".     //Get the IP address of client
  "$logger_action, ' ".    //action as set up in gif11.php
  "$logger_special', ".    //ditto
  "$fld_affil_num);";     //which web site

$res_logger = pg_Exec ($conn, $logger_sql);

if (!$res_logger) {
  echo "An error occured in the logger.\n";
  echo pg_ErrorMessage();




$goto_location="Location: ".$goto."&b=".$b;


  $logger_action=2; //adclick





//This is just a tiny sample of the reporting you can do

Function ShowResults($result) {

//I apologize to the author of this code -
//I believe I found it in the code exchange, but I
//can't find it now! --Tim

  if ($result) {
    $rows = pg_NumRows($result);
    $cols = pg_NumFields($result);

    echo( "<table border=1>\n");
    /* Create the headers */
    echo( "<tr>\n");
    for($i = 0; $i < $cols; $i++) {
      printf( "<th>%s</th>\n", pg_FieldName($result, $i));
    echo( "</tr>");
    for($j = 0; $j < $rows; $j++) {
      echo( "<tr>\n");
      for($i = 0; $i < $cols; $i++) {
        printf( "<td>%s</td>\n", pg_result($result, $j, $i));
      echo( "</tr>");
    echo( "</table>");
  } else {

//The following should be one long line

$report_sql="SELECT fld_date, fld_special, count(*) AS IMPRESSIONS ".
  "FROM tbl_activity_log ".
  "WHERE fld_action=5 AND fld_affil_num=$affil ".
  "GROUP BY fld_date, fld_special;";

$res_click_report = pg_Exec ($conn, $report_sql);

if ((!$res_click_report) || (pg_NumRows($res_click_report) < 1)) {
  echo "An error occured.\n";




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