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PhpED 3.2 – More Features Than You Can Poke A Stick At

When it comes to finding a PHP based IDE, which has all the bell and whistles attached, you don't have to look much further then NuSphere's phpED 3.2. It is a new release that is going to spin some heads.

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By: Ben Shepherd
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September 02, 2003
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PhpED 3.2 – More Features Than You Can Poke A Stick At - The Review
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Web development has never been easier thanks to phpED’s latest release. The PHP IDE provides you with all the tools required for developing any form of web application.

Not only does phpED provide a flexible, easy-to-use platform for developing web sites using PHP, but also allows for Perl, Python, JavaScript, C++, CSS style sheets, and HTML development. The new phpED provides sleek functionality for debugging your code, publishing your projects to remote servers through FTP and WebDAV, working with SOAP servers, and integrating with repository-based code management systems such as CVS. One thing that should be noted is that phpED is suitable for multiple developers and large complex projects.

So, “what is the key features of phpED?” you may be asking yourself. There are nine features that come to mind. These are:
  1. Code Completion
  2. Code Editor
  3. Database Connection
  4. Integrated Code Debugger
  5. Platform Integration
  6. Profiler
  7. Project Management
  8. Publishing
  9. SOAP Wizard
Code Completion

When you are programming many lines of code, the chances of making an error increases proportionally. Code completion tracks, stores, and recommends variable and function or method names when needed. So, you can select the appropriate name instead of typing it in. This will reduce the chances of spelling errors.

This clever feature will suggest context-sensitive HTML tags and attributes as well as provide context-sensitive help with functions. As you program, there is sometimes the tendency of not closing all of your HTML tags. This can lead to unwanted results. But with phpED, the Code Completion feature will close those tags for you.

Another great leap in this IDE is that the Code Completion feature is fully customizable. So you can maintain complete control.

Code Editor 

“So what languages are supported in phpED?” 

You may be asking yourself this question. The answer is that the new release will now support PHP, HTML, Perl, JavaScript and Python, to name a few. But a web editor would not be a web editor without some useful features. So, phpED will now perform delimiter matching, find and replace, clipboard, and variable and function pop-up hints. As well as provide color-coded (highlighted) statements and variables. 

The editor will let you easily view MySQL tables, and modify and update tables using forms generated with the database forms wizard. Yes, you read that correctly, the Code Editor will manipulate your MySQL tables. While you are reading about how the editor can monitor your tables, it also allows you to execute scripts and pass parameters so that you can see the results either as HTML or as a browser. 

Database Connection 

What would be a website be without a database. Well, that is simple. It will be static. If you are a web developer much like myself, opening and closing windows jumping back and forth from your SQL analyzer to your editor may frustrate you. Now, you may browse databases and edit content without leaving phpED. So, you can write and execute SQL queries and statements within the IDE.

With the DB Wizard you are able to create forms to view, modify, and update database tables. You can even cut and paste table and column names directly into editing code.

Platform Integration 

One thing that has changed over the past year is that phpED is now available on Red Hat Linux. So it is no longer just a Microsoft Windows application. This feature allows all of you Linux gurus to try out this innovative product. 

In the past, phpED had native support for the MySQL database. This is now extended to the PostgreSQL database. Again allowing more developers to enjoy the efficiency of this IDE. 

Integrated Code Debugger 

What is that worst thing about programming with server side technologies? I find that it is debugging. You program your page and execute it. You look at the browser and see that there is no result. 

Where does the problem lie? 

With phpED you can easily and quickly find syntax and logic errors. You may view PHP, HTML, and browser output, as well as watching global and local variables.

Ok, that is a pretty cool feature. I can now see where my error is. But what would really be cool is to be able to debug my code remotely. The team at NuSphere has done just that. Remote debugging of code on external servers is now possible. Also, phpEd provides local debugging of code on integrated WEB server or PHP CGI module.


The profiler acts as a monitor of your code performance. This feature will find those much bottlenecks that are normally unnoticed. In other words, it will let you see where code runs slowly, track code execution time per hit, number of hits, and total time spent while executing particular line, function or module. 

The Profiler will also contain charts that will illustrate the total execution time and time per hit. 

Project Management 

When you are working on multiple projects you may want to work on each one simultaneously. With phpED’s Workspaces you are able to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Each project has its own set of files and folders, and its own code management and publishing settings. So it seems as though phpED is focused on organizing your web application to lower the long term costs of maintainability.

PhpED is now integrated with CVS to support Source Control and works with local or remote CVS Source repositories, including connections using SSH protocol. 


As stated earlier, phpED allows you to publish with both WebDev and FTP clients. So phpED’s built-in WebDAV client lets you coordinate file publishing with other developers and the built-in FTP client lets you quickly retrieve and place files on remote servers. 

Time is saved because publishing works in the background.

SOAP Wizard 

With the SOAP Wizard you may easily generate PHP scripts for calling SOAP services using the NuSoap script library.

What Have Others Said About This Product?

Here are some comments about phpED.

1. "PHPEd has cut my development time significantly. It's loaded with features I can configure to meet my needs. In particular, the integrated debugger has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion -- I use it every day. And when I've had a problem, NuSphere's tech support has been tremendous. Response time is quick and answers are always helpful."

Bill Krauss, Technicolor Creative Services Glendale.

2. “I have used both the outstanding PHPEd development environment as well as the highly reliable technology platform now for several months with nothing but great satisfaction and success. I would highly recommend the Nusphere development team. Not only does the software perform at a high level, it has a dedicated and truly helpful staff to back it up.”

Colin Harbison, Senior Web Developer, Titan Corporation 

3. “PHPed is a real professional product. Direct support from your people at Nusphere was delivered on demand. Excellent job.”

Frank Bauer, CEO, Solutionware AG

4. "I use PHPEd almost every day. I like the Editor very much because it's really flexible. I just love the debugging functions because it helps me very much to track down my errors. Also the ability to easyly hook up with my database tables and fields is just amazing. PHPEd is the best Editor for PHP I have worked with so far, and I have worked with several others too."

Bernd Basmer, Basmer Internet Solutions

5. "We have only been using PHPed for a couple of weeks and have already realized savings over and above the cost of the package. We were actually able to use it productively within days and it's ease of use increases every day. I anticipate this being our primary development package for web projects within a short time." 

Dan Virga, Engineering Systems/Math Data, Woodbridgegroup

6. "We are committed to NuSpheres implementation of the SOAP protocol and are proud to be centering our technology around the best SOAP technology available for PHP. "

Jock Pereira, President and CEO, DataOne Software

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