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Oracle with Doctor Janusz Getta

In this interview, devArticles has a chat with an informative university lecture about the Oracle database.

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By: Ben Shepherd
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March 14, 2003
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Oracle with Doctor Janusz Getta - The Interview
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About Doctor Janusz Getta

Doctor Janusz Getta was Educated at Warsaw University of Technology, Poland and has been lecturing at the University of Wollongong for 11 years. The lectures he conducts focus mainly on database systems. When he doesn’t lecture he enjoys relaxing and spending time in the garden.

When it comes to working with Oracle, Doctor Janusz Getta has done a professional consultancy work. He has conducted performance tuning duties and has migrated non-Oracle systems to Oracle.

Thoughts on Oracle

Stating that Oracle was "like a truck", heavy and strong, Janusz was asked to compare the Oracle database to other database systems that he has used. He stated that in the early 1990s Sybase was substantially better, but the problem was that Sybase lost its objectives. DB2/UDB was limited to a narrow set of platforms and SQL Server is not so heavy, but unfortunately, it was unable to support large installations mainly due to the hardware it runs on.

When asked about Oracle’s new features, Janusz states that with versions 8i and 9i are significant steps forward with a bit of wasted time on implementation of Object-Relational model and internal Java VM.

He continued in expressing that O-R will not be used as long as it does not offer increased performance over relational model (and in the present versions it does not). Java, it is a complex problem. It looks like a reasonable decision to invest into this area. However, I do not know any installation where PL/SQL has been replaced with Java.

This led me into asking about Oracle 8i Lite and Oracle 9i Lite. Janusz had heard of these technologies but had not actually used these two systems and that not many people have.

He agreed with my view that Oracle could be considered for large scale websites and that database design strategies are required for efficient database structures.

Rational Rose Enterprise Edition is used it in the subjects studied by the students at the University of Wollongong. Janusz explained that the version that is used has few bugs. The reason for this is that it is a free academic version so it is not fair to expect a lot. Janusz views on the particular edition is

“For a basic design it is OK. However, more sophisticated problems e.g. translation of generalizations, optimization of designs is far beyond its reach.”

The version that the students use is basically all that is needed to complete in our courses. I personally have found the package quite useful for practicing the concepts Janusz teaches in his lectures.

Finally, I asked him to compare Oracle and MS Access on a Windows platform. Janusz simply answered that it was unfair to compare the two systems.

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