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Revisited: Building Cross Platform GUI Apps With PHP-GTK

PHP is not just a web-based scripting language. Did you know that you can also build complete, cross-platform, windowed applications with PHP and MySQL? If not, read on...

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By: Mitchell Harper
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November 17, 2002
  1. · Revisited: Building Cross Platform GUI Apps With PHP-GTK
  2. · What is PHP-GTK?
  3. · Downloading and installing PHP-GTK
  4. · Installing PHP-GTK for Linux
  5. · Building our first PHP-GTK app
  6. · Registering multiple callback functions
  7. · Adding GTK widgets to our window
  8. · Other PHP-GTK widgets
  9. · A PHP-GTK database app
  10. · Conclusion

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Revisited: Building Cross Platform GUI Apps With PHP-GTK - Other PHP-GTK widgets
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PHP-GTK has dozens of other widgets which we can instantiate and use in our application. Here's a list of some of those widgets, as well as a brief description of each of them:
  • GtkButton: A button that can be clicked on.
  • GtkCalendar: A calendar that shows dates that can be selected.
  • GtkCheckButton: A check box that can be toggled on and off.
  • GtkCList: A list with several columns that can be scrolled.
  • GtkColorSelection: A very cool widget that can be used to select colors.
  • GtkCombo: A dropdown list that can also accept typed in text.
  • GtkCTree: A tree list that can contain nodes that can expand and collapse.
  • GtkDialog: A popup dialog that can be modal.
  • GtkEntry: A text box with text that can be changed.
  • GtkFileSelection: Similar to Windows common dialog control, the GtkFileSelection control displays a dialog allowing us to choose a file on our local machine.
  • GtkFontSelection: A widget that allows us to select various font properties.
  • GtkFrame: A frame that can contain a caption.
  • GtkHRuler: A horizontal ruler.
  • GtkHScrollBar: A horizontal scrollbar.
  • GtkImage: A widget for displaying an image.
  • GtkMenu: A container widget that can hold menu items.
  • GtkNoteBook: A tabbed control that can display multiple tabs.
  • GtkProgressBar: A bar that can be used to display the progress of some event.
  • GtkRadioButton: A radio button that can be grouped.
  • GtkSpinButton: Used to increment/decrement a value using arrows.
  • GtkToolTips Used to add tooltips to other widgets.
  • GtkVBox: Vertical box container.
  • GtkVScrollBar: A vertical scrollbar.
  • GtkWindow: An application window.
As you can see from the classes shown above, PHP-GTK contains all of the necessary classes to facilitate the development of a complete cross-platform GUI application.
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