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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are new to Photoshop, you may find its wealth of features to be a tad overwhelming. Even if you are not new to the program, you may be looking for some shortcuts and tips when it comes to text. Here are some tips and shortcuts you can practice and learn to make the use of text in Photoshop much easier to handle. It does not matter if you are a Windows or Mac user -- we have you covered either way!

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March 09, 2011
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Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts - More Photoshop Text Shortcut Tips
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How to Superscript Text

When you superscript text, you position that chosen text item slightly above the standard text line.  A footnote would be an example of this.  Here is how you superscript text in Photoshop:

Windows Highlight the desired text and press the following three keys: Ctrl + Shift + + (the plus key)


Mac - Highlight the desired text and press the following three keys: Command + Shift + + (the plus key)

How to Subscript Text

Subscript is essentially the opposite of superscript.  It is a text feature that places a text item slightly below the standard text line.  A scientific formula is an example of something that would contain subscript text.  Here is the shortcut to subscript text in Photoshop:

Windows Highlight the text you want to subscript and press the following four keys: Ctrl + Shift + Alt + + (the plus key)


Mac - Highlight the text you want to subscript and press the following four keys: Command + Shift + Option + + (the plus key)

How to Strike Through Text

Strike through places a horizontal line through the center of text. This is used to signify information that was recently deleted. To strike through text in Photoshop, do the following:

Windows - Highlight the text you want to strike through.  Press the following three keys: Ctrl + Shift + /


Mac - Highlight the text you want to strike through.  Press the following three keys: Command + Shift + /

Additional Photoshop Text Tips

How to Select a Single Word

To select a single word in Photoshop, navigate your cursor to the word of choice.  Double-click on the word, and it will be instantly selected and highlighted.

How to Select a Line of Text

Selecting a line of text is similar to the process of selecting a single word, except it involves an extra click.  Place your cursor anywhere in the desired line of text, and triple-click. 

How to Select a Paragraph of Text

You may think that selecting a paragraph of text might be a pain, but it's just as simple as selecting a single word or a line of text.  Place your cursor somewhere within the paragraph that you want to select, and perform a quadruple-click to select the entire paragraph.

How to Select All of the Text on a Type Layer

If you need to select all of the text on a Type layer, go to the Layers palette, and locate the Type layer.  For reference, its thumbnail will have a capital T as its icon.  Double-click on the thumbnail/icon.  All of the text should now be selected.

How to Select All Text Layers at the Same Time

You may be working on a complex document that is loaded with several layers.  It could have 5, 10, or more text layers that are positioned in between other layers.  When you go into the Layers palette, you could scroll through the list and click on each layer one by one in your selection process, but what for?  There's a much easier way to select all of your text layers, and you can do it in a snap.

In the Layers palette, click on one of the text layers.  Next, navigate to the Select menu at the top of the screen.  Click on the Similar Layers option.  Just like that, Photoshop will automatically select all of the text layers for you.

The text shortcuts and tips previously listed are just some of the basics you can use to manipulate text with little fuss in Photoshop.  Once you learn them by heart, you will find the Photoshop experience to become even more user-friendly than ever before.

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