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Ruby Operators and Arrays

You've heard the phrase “diamonds are a girl's best friend”? Well, rubies are a nerd's best friend, and in this tutorial I am going to show you why. We'll discuss operators, conditionals, loops, hashes, and arrays in Ruby. And that's not all.

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By: James Payne
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October 16, 2007
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Ruby Operators and Arrays
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We'll discuss if-statements and else-statements and if-this-else statements. And just for you we'll even throw in if-this-else-this-then that statements. What, those don't exist? Wait a second, who's writing this article?! 

So. Let's get started, shall we?

Smooth Operator

Now that we know how to store data into variables and how to print them out, it's time to move on to some more advanced ways to manipulate them. To do that, we will have to rely on operators. You've been using them ever since grade school. But in Ruby (and most other programming languages), you really get to feast your eyes on a whole new set of operators, far too advanced for those primitive fourth-grade minds. So go ahead, look at the table below. Feast!

Operator Symbol

Operator Description


















Referencing array


Setting an array element


Shift Right


Shift Left


And (Bitwise)


Exclusive Or (XOR) (Bitwise)


Or (Regular)


Equal To


Equality test for when clause


Not equal to


Regular expression pattern match


Less than, greater than, equal to


Equal to or Greater than


Greater than


Less than


Equal to or less than


Assign (normal)


Assign (modulation)


Divide and Assign


Subtract and Assign


Add and assign


Multiply and Assign


Exponent and Assign


And (Logical)


Or (Logical)


Range (inclusive)


Range (exclusive)


If (Ternary)




Negation (Logical)


Composition (Logical)


True if symbol is defined


Modifies Statements


Modifies Statements


Modifies Statements


Modifies Statements


Begins/Ends a block statement

That was quite some feast. Don't worry, you don't have to memorize all of those Operators (there are actually even more operators). Let's fool around with some of them.

If we wanted to calculate our wage for the week, it would go something like this...


hours=40 # hour's really equal sixty, but hey, we're salaried

put "I made this much money before taxes:"

put PAYRATE * hours

This would print out the following:

  "I made this much money before taxes:"


If you wanted to see what you made for the month, you could do this:


hours = 40

puts "I made this much money before taxes for the month:"

hours = hours * 4

puts PAYRATE * hours

This takes your hours per week and multiplies it by the number of weeks in the month. It then multiplies that number by your pay rate, and prints out the amount.

  "I made this much money before taxes for the month:"


There is also a shorter way to write the above code using the *= operator.


hours = 40

puts "I made this much money before taxes for the month:"

hours *= 4

puts PAYRATE * hours

The result (the same as our prior results):

  "I made this much money before taxes for the month:"


(Note: You can do the same with the +=, -=, /=, etc operators).

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