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Creating an HTML File List with VB

Visual BasicYou just got that shiny new digital camera, and then you downloaded a bunch of digital pictures to your computer. Next you want to create a simple Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file so that you can burn the picture and HTML files to a CD that you can send to all your friends and family.  How do you do this without having to manually code the HTML file? The following instructions will show you how. 

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By: Tim Haight
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January 05, 2004
  1. · Creating an HTML File List with VB
  2. · Setting Up Your Program
  3. · Coding the Program
  4. · Opening the Dir.txt File and Creating the HTML File
  5. · Compiling the File and Wrapping Up

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Creating an HTML File List with VB - Coding the Program
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Since the program will run by clicking the Run Catalog button, you will need to create a click event for this object.  To do this, double click the Run Catalog button. The code window will open, and will create a sub routine called cmdCatalog_click().

The next few sections will describe the code logic.

Error Checking

To try and prevent the program from causing problems in case it crashed, some error checking should be added.  With this error checking added, here is the sub routine so far:

Private Sub cmdCatalog_Click()
On Error 
GoTo Err_cmdCatalog_Click
Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err
    Resume Exit_cmdCatalog_Click
End Sub

Creating the Picture Directory List

To create the directory listing, we would use the shell command to run a DOS command.  Because Windows 2000 does not have the dir.com file, you would get file not found errors, so I used a batch file called dir.bat.  Here is the sub routine so far

Private Sub cmdCatalog_Click()
On Error 
GoTo Err_cmdCatalog_Click
'run directory listing
put the path in the shell command where you put the dir.bat file
  Dim RetVal
Shell("d:picturesdir.bat"1)    ' Run dir.bat
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox Err.Description
    Resume Exit_cmdCatalog_Click
End Sub

You will need to create a batch file, and save it as dir.bat   As the remarks note, put this file somewhere, and change the path in the shell command.

dir *.jpg /dir.txt
*.gif />> dir.txt

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