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Top Joomla Extensions for Social Networking

The power and presence of social networking simply cannot be denied. It seems as if most of the internet world is linked to social networks in one way or another. With that being said, why sit on the sidelines? If you have a Joomla website and want social networking integration, there are plenty of extensions that can make it happen. It's not as hard as you think, and here is a list of Joomla extensions to help broaden your site's horizons.

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May 27, 2011

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The power and presence of social networking simply cannot be denied. It seems as if most of the internet world is linked to social networks in one way or another. With that being said, why sit on the sidelines? If you have a Joomla website and want social networking integration, there are plenty of extensions that can make it happen. It's not as hard as you think, and here is a list of Joomla extensions to help broaden your site's horizons.


It may have a creepy name, but Stalker is a great extension for social networking integration with your Joomla site.  It's simple in its form, and very easy to install and use.  Stalker basically allows your visitors to link up to any of your existing social networking accounts.  It doesn't just focus on the most popular ones like Facebook and Twitter.  Instead, you have those plus about 45 networks in all that you can integrate with your site.  The extension places a small box on your site that contains icons to different social networking sites that you belong to.  All your visitors have to do is click on the desired link and proceed to follow you.  This is one solid way to build up a fan base for your site.

Link: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/social-web/social-profiles/5438


The myApi extension helps bring Facebook integration to your Joomla site in a quick and painless manner.   Adding myApi to your site literally takes minutes to do, and you do not need any knowledge when it comes to PHP or JavaScript.  As long as you have a Joomla website and a Facebook account, you have what it takes to make Facebook integration happen via this powerful extension.

There are several features that make myApi appealing.  It has Facebook Connect, which allows visitors to log in to their Facebook accounts directly from your site using trusted authentication and privacy.  Visitors can leave comments, and you can control their integrity with spam protection.  To help get the word out, a share button is included to allow your visitors to share content through their Facebook profiles so that their friends can see.  Also of note are a fan box that displays your fans, an activity box that displays sharing activity, and a live stream to show updated content, plus more.

Link: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/social-web/facebook-integration/11624

Facebook FanBox

Facebook FanBox is an extension that's quick and easy to install.  The extension is a great way to integrate Facebook into your Joomla website.  Instead of having to update your site manually, FanBox will display your Facebook posts in a streamed format automatically.  This helps your visitors see your latest activity. 

In addition to the informative nature of the extension, it's also great for driving traffic to your site.  The FanBox includes a Like button similar to the one found on Facebook.  If a visitor clicks it, the Like will appear on their friends' Facebook news feeds.  The friends will have a link to your site listed in the Like post that they can click to visit.  The value of this is that the new visitors will likely have something in common with the original visitor, as they are Facebook friends with each other.  This means you will have a targeted audience that can help to build site loyalty.

The FanBox is compact and integrates nicely into almost any site design.  It will list the aforementioned Like button, a stream of your latest posts, and people who are your fans.  Even better is the fact that the extension is easy to customize.  You can adjust the dimensions of the FanBox, the amount of fans it lists, the language, listed link, font, border, background color, and more.

Link: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/social-web/facebook-display/9231

Social Widgets

Social Widgets offers a quick and non-intrusive way for you to include access to various social networking platforms through your Joomla website.  Installation is rather painless and adding it to your site will not create a bunch of unwanted clutter.  What you will get is an attractive setup with eye-catching icons for services like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Stumbleupon, and more.

When a visitor goes to your site, they can read and enjoy your content, and if they like it enough, they can share it with others.  This helps drive traffic to your site, and you hardly have to do anything to make it happen thanks to Social Widgets.  Visitors can email the content to a friend, or they can share it via social networks.  If they click on the Facebook icon, for example, they can share the link to your content on their own wall, a friend's wall, in a group, or even in a private message.  Other features of Social Widgets include a Twitter button with counter, a Facebook Like button with counter, and a Print Page feature to create a hard copy of what you just read.

Link: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/social-web/republish/14049


ShareThis is another simple, yet effective extension for adding social networking to your Joomla site.  Like it's name suggest, ShareThis allows your visitors to share content with others via social networking sites, messaging services, email, and more.

ShareThis adds a small widget to your site that showcases icons for different services.  You can embed the widget in articles or wherever else you may feel makes the most impact.  The buttons that represent the different sites can be customized to fit the style of your site.  You don't have to know how to edit code or do anything complicated, as the extension does all the dirty work for you.  There are a ton of social networking sites integrated with the extension, so users can search for the service they belong to from the widget itself.  To make things even easier, the search function comes with auto-suggest.

Link: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/social-web/social-bookmarking/5070

Twitter Feed

While Facebook has certainly been the champion for a while in the social networking game, Twitter has seen its popularity skyrocket recently.  If you are looking to have a live flow of Tweets on your Joomla site, Twitter Feed is an extension that can get the job done.  Like other extensions in this list, Twitter Feed is easy to install and use.  All you need is your Joomla site, your Twitter username, the extension, and you are set.

It's simple to configure, and you can adjust settings to display a certain number of Tweets of a specific length.  Twitter Feed leverages the Twitter Search API, giving it powerful filtering and search capabilities.  For instance, you can search for multiple words, exact phrases or exclude words.  In terms of filtering, you can filter out specific hashtags or choose to only display links.    You can also display links with custom CSS styling. 

Link: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/social-web/twitter-display/7658

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