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CSS3 Tutorials for Text

One way to observe the power and greatness that is CSS3 is to look at how it can be used with text. Using CSS3 brings a whole new level of flexibility when it comes to creating awesome text effects with ease. Here are some of the top tutorials that will teach you how to improve the look of your text using CSS3.

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May 10, 2011
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CSS3 Tutorials for Text
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Make cool and clever text effects with CSS text-shadow

Text-shadow is one CSS property that can turn your dull, boring text into text with life and style.  If you want an example of the look, just take a peek at Apple's design used on their websites.  It's very clean and modern, and it adds an aura of distinction.

While it used to be that you would have to photoshop text and render it as an image to get a shadow effect, that is no longer the case thanks to CSS.  Text-shadow offers some actual benefits aside from its awesome appearance.  First, the CSS is much more lightweight when compared to images.  Using CSS over Photoshop allows you to reduce unnecessary traffic.  Second, when you render text as an image it is not searchable.  This limits your search engine marketing efforts.

Now that you see the benefits of text-shadow in terms of appearance and practicality, it's time to inject it onto your site, and this is the perfect tutorial to do so.  You will be hard pressed to find a better, more in-depth tutorial on text and CSS.  It's broken down just like a book, with an introduction on text-shadow, a discussion on browser compatibility, how it works, and several code examples. 

While many tutorials will show you the bare basics of how to use a technique, this one shows you various examples in detail.  You can learn how to create a drop-shadow, mimic the popular Apple look, make your text shine, create multiple shadows, and more.  All of the aforementioned earns this tutorial the number one spot on the list of the top CSS3 tutorials for text.

Link: http://www.kremalicious.com/2008/04/make-cool-and-clever-text-effects-with-css-text-shadow/

Create beautiful CSS3 typography

As its name suggests, this tutorial is excellent for anyone who really wants to spruce up their site's appearance with some beautiful typography.  It doesn't matter if you want to transform your header or the actual text on your site.  Whatever it is, changing it from a standard look to a more sophisticated one will help your site garner more attention.

Absolutely zero images or external resources are used in the tutorial.  It's CSS3 all the way, and it's also easy to implement, despite the rather intricate end result.  There are several CSS3 rules that are employed here, and you will see exactly how to convert text for different areas of your site.  Headings, sub-headings, the meta data line, paragraphs, and more are all changed in various ways.  Simply put, if you wanted to see an in-depth tutorial on making your text really stand out, this is the one.

Link: http://blog.echoenduring.com/2010/05/13/create-beautiful-css3-typography/

CSS gradient text effect

A nice heading offers a good first impression for your visitors.  You can use Photoshop to get the job done, or you can use this tutorial to achieve an awesome look using pure CSS.  The tutorial does not employ Flash or JavaScript.  Instead, it uses a PNG image and CSS to create the gradient text effect. 

By using CSS, the tutorial offers you several benefits.  Since you don't have to use Photoshop, you'll save time as well as bandwidth.  The trick works on various browsers as well.  Font size is scalable, and the trick can be implements on any web fonts.  You can create glossy text, make your text shine, add subtle vertical or horizontal stripe effects, and more.  There are just a few limitations to keep in mind.  First, text will not be selectable if the gradient image is taller than the heading.  Also, the gradient color must be the same as the background color.  As long as the colors match, you can apply the trick to virtually any solid background color, so you really have some flexibility to customize the look to match your needs.

Link: http://webdesignerwall.com/tutorials/css-gradient-text-effect

How to create inset typography with CSS3

Inset type looks great, and thanks to CSS3, you can create the text effect with relative ease.  That's right, you can create the inset type with less than ten lines of CSS when following this tutorial.

There are multiple benefits of using CSS to create this inset type over something like Photoshop.  First, you don't need any special software.  Just follow the tutorial, and that's it.  Second, you have much more flexibility than you would if you were using a static image.  Third, your page's load times will be improved due to the lightweight nature of the technique.  Keep in mind that this tutorial works best for WebKit browsers like Chrome and Safari.

Link: http://sixrevisions.com/css/how-to-create-inset-typography-with-css3/

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