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More Top CSS3 Tutorials for Animation and Images

It has been quite a long time since we have discussed the top CSS3 tutorials on the Web that focus on the topics of animation and images. We surely could not encompass a true picture of what is out there in just one article, so here are some more of the top CSS3 tutorials for animation and images that you an implement into your site to make it look and function better.

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April 11, 2012

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It has been quite a long time since we have discussed the top CSS3 tutorials on the Web that focus on the topics of animation and images. We surely could not encompass a true picture of what is out there in just one article, so here are some more of the top CSS3 tutorials for animation and images that you an implement into your site to make it look and function better.

A Master Class in CSS Animations

As you can tell from the title of this tutorial, what you have here is a comprehensive look at CSS animations.  It does not teach you one specific CSS technique.  Instead, you get a nice overview that is very informative and covers several key topics.  Since the tutorial covers multiple topics in the realm of CSS animations, it does take a longer time to complete.  Still, if you have one to two hours of free time, use them wisely with a visit here.  Only a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is needed.

The tutorial begins with a brief look at previous CSS limitations and how they have been overcome.  It then moves into the topics of keyframes, vendor fixing, and the largest section of all – animating elements.

Link: http://www.netmagazine.com/tutorials/masterclass-css-animations

Create a 404 Page with CSS3 Animations

Here is a tutorial that can be covered in under half an hour and is set for the novice CSS and HTML user.  The tutorial teaches you how to create a 404 page with a little bit of customized style to help guide visitors in the right direction just in case they reach a page on your site that cannot be found.

The author of the tutorial uses a panning animation via CSS to give the 404 page some life.  This is a good idea to keep the visitor lured into the site if they get lost, instead of losing their interest.  The tutorial is very simple to follow and offers plenty of useful information in an easy to read and understand manner.  The fact that it helps you spruce up a 404 page’s design is something unique as well.

Link: http://www.netmagazine.com/tutorials/create-404-page-css3-animations

CSS3 Animations: The Hiccups and Bugs You’ll Want to Avoid

This tutorial focuses on some of the pitfalls you can encounter when working with CSS3 animation.  While CSS3 animation certainly has its advantages, it, like anything, should be executed following certain best practices, and that is what this tutorial covers.

The tutorial starts off talking about animation and CSS3 with the very important topic of mobile devices.  Specifically, it talks about some CSS3 problems that you may encounter related to browsers found on Android devices.  It then moves to the topic of 3D transformation issues on mobile devices and touches on problems with using animations or transitions on pseudo elements.

Other topics included in the tutorial include performance issues and creating realistic animation.  Perhaps the most important topic covered is the overuse of CSS animation in a site.  Sure, animation can help improve a site’s look and appeal, but too much of it can deter visitors.  All in all, the points covered in this tutorial serve as a valuable guide to new and experienced CSS3 programmers looking to do things the right way.

Link: http://webdesign.tutsplus.com/tutorials/htmlcss-tutorials/css3-animations-the-hiccups-and-bugs-youll-want-to-avoid/

CSS3 Animated Photo Slider

The actual example used in this tutorial probably does not fit into a lot of sites, but it does show you some of the possibilities that can be achieved via CSS animation.  The end result is a 3D slideshow that makes use of CSS 3D transforms.  The slideshow essentially floats around the screen and rotates, giving you the option to maximize each photo.

Link: http://www.script-tutorials.com/css3-animated-photo-slider/

Rotating Objects with CSS Animations

Although a lot of the CSS3 tutorials you will find on the Web come in a text format, there are some that teach you new techniques in a video format.  This tutorial is one of those, and it comes off of YouTube.  It is approximately 12 minutes long and shows you how to rotate objects with CSS animations.  In particular, you learn how to create the animation of the world rotating in space.  It is worth noting that you should have at least some CSS experience or knowledge prior to watching this video to truly understand it, as the creator does touch quickly on certain topics (divs) that you will need a basic understanding of.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fOsC3LWBrM

CSS3 Image Hover Effects

This newer tutorial is quite basic, but still useful.  It teaches you the necessary steps to create a simple gallery that produces an eye-catching hover effect each time you place your mouse cursor over an image.  The tutorial is very quick and simple, making it worth a look if you want to add a gallery to your site that has a bit of a twist to its appearance and functionality.

Link: http://www.script-tutorials.com/css3-image-hover-effects/

Create a CSS3 Image Gallery with a 3D Lightbox Animation

The gallery that is the end result of this tutorial is very visually stimulating.  The author uses a CSS lightbox gallery and kicks things up a notch by adding 3D rotation for the lightbox content and some hover effects.  The tutorial also teaches you how to create the gallery and animation in a way that degrades gracefully for certain browsers where CSS3 is not supported.  This ensures that all of your visitors get to see your content as intended.

Link: http://inspectelement.com/tutorials/create-a-css3-image-gallery-with-a-3d-lightbox-animation/

That wraps up this list of more of the top CSS3 tutorials for animation and images.  You will obviously be able to find more tutorials on the Web that cover these topics, but this list should at least give you a nice little foundation to build off of as you continue to work towards mastering your skills in CSS3. 

If you have any CSS3 tutorials on animation and images that you feel are worth visiting, list and share them in the comments section for others to see, and keep coming back to DevArticles for more lists in the future.

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