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MyClass - Implementing Polymorphism in VB.Net
Learn how to take advantage of polymorphism in VB.Net with William #39;s quick tutorial. Learn how polymorphism can eleviate your OOP-related headaches!

Building a News Ticker Using VB.Net
In this latest article, Vikrant shows us how to create a news ticker using VB.Net and XML technologies.

Everything You Wanted to Know About Forms Inheritance in VB.Net
Learn how to take advantage of Forms Inheritance, while being introduced to certain Object Oriented approaches, in Saurabh #39;s latest article.

Building Assemblies with VB.Net
Shekar #39;s article is a brief introduction into the world of Assemblies, using VB.Net, and their core security features.

Simple VB.NET Notify Icon with Panel Application
Vikrant #39;s article steps you through the process of building your own Notify Icon application, allowing you to run applications from the task tray, using VB.NET.

Regular Expressions in .NET
In this article, Darren explains a nice and simple way of how to use regular expression in .Net. For those who are confused about how regular expressions work, this article is for you.

String Encryption With Visual Basic .NET
In this article Brian Patterson will cover some of the encryption classes provided in the .NET Framework. Once you have got a grasp on how to use these algorithms, he will wrap things up with a sample order application that will encrypt credit card information before saving it to either a SQL Server or Oracle database server.

Deploying Applications in VB.NET: Part 1/2
Ever wondered how to deploy your own VB.NET applications? In this 2 part article, Jayesh runs you through everything you need to know to get started ASAP!

Watching Folder Activity in VB.NET
Our resident VB.Net guru is back! In this article Jayesh shows us how to use the FileSystemWatcher class to monitor folders for changes.

Creating A Windows Service in VB.NET
Up until .Net, the creation of Windows services was limited to C++ guru #39;s. Not anymore. In this article Jayesh shows us how to create, install, start and stop a service with VB.Net.

Implementing The Google Web Service In VB.NET
The Google web service provides search and spell checking services. In this article Jayesh shows us how easy it is to implement using VB.Net.

Migrating to Visual Basic.NET from Visual Basic 6
Those already familiar with Visual Basic shouldn #39;t have to worry about migrating to Visual Basic.NET. In this article Vaijayantee shows us how to upgrade our existing applications to Visual Basic.NET, different .NET variable types, and her own personal programming recommendations. After reading this article you #39;ll be able to migrate from VB6 to VB.NET in no time!