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Developing an XML Web Service Using Visual Studio 2005
This article guides you in developing a practical “Number to Words” web service using the latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 as the development tool.

Creating an HTML File List with VB
You just got that shiny new digital camera, and then you downloaded a bunch of digital pictures to your computer. Next you want to create a simple Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) file so that you can burn the picture and HTML files to a CD that you can send to all your friends and family. How do you do this without having to manually code the HTML file? The following instructions will show you how.

Fun with Email: VB6, CDO, MAPI, and a Remote Exchange Server
In this article, Matt shows us how to send emails from a VB Windows application. As CDONTS is for servers, a different approach must be used.

Extranet/Intranet Dictionary Cracker in VB
The only way to know how to secure your system is to know how hackers attack. In this article Matt teaches us about the dictionary attack and and helps us secure against it.

Finding Default App Icons With Visual Basic
Using the Windows API it #39;s easy to find the default icon for any file extension. Phil shows us exactly how it #39;s done in this comprehensive article.

Registry Fever With Visual Basic
The Windows registry is the central database of any Windows PC. In this article Neville explains the registry, and shows us how to access it using both Visual Basic #39;s functions and the Windows API.

Implementing An ADO Data Control With VB6
The ADO data control can save Visual Basic developers hours of time. In this article Susan shows us exactly how to go about implementing an ADO control.

Printing With Visual Basic
Despite claims that computers would create a paperless society , printing is still one of the most important functions of any application. Visual Basic makes it easy to print, and in this article James shows you what you need to know to print text, shapes and images with Visual Basic. If you need to create your own invoicing or reporting system with Visual Basic then this article is a definite must read.

MSMQ Part 1/2: Architecture and Simple Implementation Using VB
MSMQ is a messaging solution that uses the store-forward style of distributed computing to share data across networks in terms of messages. In part one of this two part series, Liviu explains the architecture of an enterprise system in relation to MSMQ. He also shows us how to implement a simple message queuing application using Visual Basic 6 and the MSMQ COM objects.

Magnifying The Desktop With Visual Basic
A very handy application that #39;s included with the Windows operating system is the magnifier, which zooms in on a portion of the desktop. In this article Jason shows us how to create a cool zoomable magnifier using Visual Basic 6 and the Windows API.

Sending Email With MAPI Components in Visual Basic
MAPI is an acronym for the Messaging Application Programming Interface. It #39;s a set of core system components that can be used to automate several windows tasks. MAPI components allow developers to create mail-enabled Visual Basic applications easily. In this article Jason shows us how to use MAPI controls to read messages from our inbox, iterate through these messages, and more.

Two Person Chat With The Winsock Control And Visual Basic
The Microsoft WinSock library allows you to connect to a remote machine and exchange data using either the User Datagram Protocol (UDP) or the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP). Both protocols can be used to create client-server applications. In this tutorial Jason will be teaching you how to create a direct-connect chat program that uses TCP. The program itself will be designed in such a way that it can act as both the client and server.

A Real-Time ActiveX News Control
A while back, Mitchell wrote an article about MoreOver.com and their XML news sources (which are free for developers using them for non-profit purposes). Today, Mitchell takes that idea one step further and creates an ActiveX component that uses the MoreOver.com news feeds in a similar way. The component uses the XMLHTTP library and the MSXML parser to retrieve and process the news. This article also acts as a good introduction to ActiveX controls if you have never created one before.

Accessing the Windows API in Visual Basic
The Windows Application Programming Interface, or API, is a complex set of functions for interacting with Windows. In this article, Jason attempts to shed some light on this topic by explaining what an API is, and providing an example of how to access one through Visual Basic.