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One of MySQL's strengths is its use of Binary Large Object (BLOB) columns. These columns store unprocessed binary data, typically files, that can be retrieved and manipulated like the other common datatypes. The difficulty comes in accessing the BLOB column in VB. Prior to ADO 2.5, the only way to move data in and out of a MySQL BLOB column using Visual Basic was to use the appendchunk and getchunk methods. With ADO 2.5, the stream object has been added, greatly simplifying the process of working with MySQL BLOBs. In this article, I will focus entirely on using the stream object.

Two Lessons in ASP and MySQL
ASP and MySQL are designed and distributed with completely different rationale, not to mention by two very different companies. But there is a good chance that you may want these two technologies for your dynamic application, in which case you need them to 'talk' to each other. One major obstacle to this could be that they differ in their handling of dates and times. This article will show you two functions you can implement to allow them to communicate peacefully, without trying to re-configure date/time formatting in either.

Lord Of The Strings Part 2
When I saw the latest in the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies a short while ago, I wondered how Tolkien had invented the artificial languages of Middle Earth. In my previous article, I told of my desire to discover which real language had been the biggest influence on Tolkien for his invented ones. As a software developer, I wanted to discover this information algorithmically. My idea was to use my own string similarity algorithm†to compare each word from a list of Tolkien words to words from 14 other real languages. For each Tolkien word, I would find and record the language with the word that is (lexically) most similar. The set of most-similar words and the languages from which they came would provide new insights into the influences on Tolkien.

Lord Of The Strings Part 1
I recently enjoyed the latest in the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies at the cinema. I was intrigued by Tolkienís invented languages (such as Elvish and Dwarvish) and was curious to know where the languages came from, or more precisely, which real language was the biggest influence on Tolkien for his inventions. As I have been thinking about issues of string similarity recently (see Matching Strings and Algorithms), I wondered whether I could extend my ideas of string similarity to language similarity. In other words, could I discover to which real language Tolkienís artificial language is most similar?

Importing Data into MySQL with Navicat
In today #39;s article Michael takes a look at using Navicat (a MySQL management tool) to quickly and easily import/export data to and from MySQL.

Building a Sustainable Web Site
Use PHP,CSS and MySQL to create dynamic web content. This will allow for the separation of presentation and content and the ability to create an economical website that is easily updated and maintained.

Creating An Online Photo Album with PHP and GD: Part 4
It #39;s time to wrap things up. At the end of this part you would be quite ready to build your own photo album to show all of your friends and family. Attached at the end of this article is the support file.

Creating An Online Photo Album with PHP and GD: Part 3
Part 3 is here! It is time to learn how to create an upload area as well as developing the php code so that the details about the photo are updatable.

PhpED 3.2 Ė More Features Than You Can Poke A Stick At
When it comes to finding a PHP based IDE, which has all the bell and whistles attached, you don #39;t have to look much further then NuSphere #39;s phpED 3.2. It is a new release that is going to spin some heads.

Creating An Online Photo Album with PHP and GD: Part 2
In this part Frank will explain how to code the photo album using PHP and MySQL. This is the second part of his series and focuses on building the user interface.

Creating An Online Photo Album with PHP and GD: Part 1
This article is the first part of a four part series about saving money and space when it comes to showing off your pictures. Frank will be using PHP, MySQL and GD in this series.

Security and Sessions in PHP
Learn how to secure your PHP pages swiftly using a simple include file that should be included at the top of every page. Read more ...

Setup Your Personal Reminder System Using PHP
Here is an article that I can personally relate to. How many times have you forgotten to do something that was truly important? Read how one can use PHP to help you send reminders to yourself to prevent this from happening again.

Create a IP-Country Database Using PERL and MySQL
By using of Perl, Stephen illustrates the tremendous Internet marketing advantage that is inextricably evident. It is as simple as collecting and customizing user interaction based on the country from which the IP address is based. Read the details ...

Developing a Dynamic Document Search in PHP Part 1/2
In today #39;s article Murali discusses how to implement a complete document content search using only PHP and MySQL...

Using Transactions with MySQL 4.0 and PHP
This is a well-written article by Joel about MySQL transactions. If you are new to MySQL 4.0, then you must read this so you can ensure data integrity.

Protect Your Users Email With PHP and MySQL
Eric reports how you, as a webmaster, must know how to protect your readers and members email adresses with the email.php file.

Logging with PHP
In this article, Tim shows us how to log hits on all of your web sites. They can even be on separate servers around the world.

PHP and Databases for the Lazy Sod
In this article Justin explains his ezSQL utility, which reduces code and development time for database operations in PHP. This is great for the lazy sod...and everyone else.

Practical Date/Time examples with PHP and MySQL
In this article Mauricio shows us some examples of how to use the date/time features with MySQL and PHP including the UNIX timestamp and the PHP date_diff() function.