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Does HTML5 Need a Main Element?
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3) is already working on a draft specification for HTML 5.1. It should come as no surprise to anyone who follows this kind of thing that many of the proposed new standards have been coming up for debate. One of the points of contention is the new “main” element.

Revisiting the HTML5 vs. Native Debate
HTML5's rapid progress as a platform means that developers, particularly mobile application developers, need to revisit earlier decisions. Should they create applications natively or take advantage of the ability to “write once, run everywhere”? The answer isn't as simple as it may have been even just one year ago.

HTML5: Not for Phone Apps?
The latest version of Hypertext Markup Language offers rich functionality without requiring the assistance of third-party plug-ins. This capability should make it perfect for generic web applications that work on any mobile platform. The reality falls short of this ideal.

HTML5 or Native?
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has gone down on record as stating that developing with HTML5 was “one of the biggest strategic mistakes we made.” Does that mean you should not use it in a corporate environment? Far from it.

Job Hunting? Freelancer.com Lists This Quarter`s Fastest Growing Jobs
If your skill set leans towards the technical, and you find yourself job hunting, you'll want to check out some data from Freelancer.com. The online job marketplace just released what it refers to as the Fast 50: the fifty fastest growing online jobs for the second quarter of this year. Mobile rules the roost, of course, but you might be surprised at what else is buried in those numbers.

HTML5 in the News
HTML5 has been gaining momentum, now that Flash and older forms of HTML are starting to show their age. As users access the Internet from a plethora of different devices, compatibility issues have cropped up (especially between Apple devices and Flash). Keep reading for the latest news on HTML5's progress.

Report: HTML5 Mobile Performance Lags
A recent report released by Spaceport.io shows that HTML5 performance on mobile devices leaves much to be desired when compared laptops, but is it enough to put out the flame that represents HTML5’s popularity?

The Top HTML5 Audio Players
HTML5 is making waves through the tech world, and this article will detail some of the best HTML5 audio players that are currently available on the Web.

Top HTML5 Video Tutorials
Today we will take a look at some of the top HTML5 tutorials around the Web that come in a video format to help beginners get their feet wet.

HTML5: Reasons to Learn and Use It
HTML5 is a hot topic in the tech industry, and with good reason. Actually, there are several reasons why it is so popular right now, and this article will list some of them.

More of the Top Tutorials for HTML5 Forms
It’s been a while since we have supplied you with HTML5 form tutorials, but we have some more for you to check out once again. As you probably know, forms are essential elements to most websites, so you want them to not only look good, but also be user-friendly. Here are more helpful tutorials that cover HTML5 forms on the Web.

MobileAppWizard Releases HTML5 App Builder
The present and future look bright for HTML5 and MobileAppWizard.com has decided to ride the technology’s popularity wave by releasing a new HTML5 app builder. Available directly from the company’s website, the app builder not only lets users leverage the power and convenience of HTML5, but it is also free of charge. With the release, MobileAppWizard.com hopes that it can become a recognized entity in the constantly growing HTML5 arena.

HTML5 Boilerplate: Working with jQuery and Modernizr
This article concludes a two-part tutorial on the many benefits of using HTML5 Boilerplate. As you'll see, its “style.css” and “index.html” files are real time-savers, especially when you're building HTML5 websites that need to be rendered cohesively across most modern browsers.

HTML5 Boilerplate Introduction
In this first part of a two-part tutorial, I explain what HTML5 Boilerplate is, and how the wealth of resources that it provides right out of the box can speed up the development of any HTML5-driven website.

New API Platform for HTML5
In an effort to push HTML5 app development, AT amp;T has released a new application programming interface (API) platform containing APIs for SMS, MMS, mobile-health, and location, as well as other tools to entice HTML5’s appeal.

BBC Adopts HTML 5, Mozilla Addresses Issues
It hasn’t exactly been a great year for Flash, as the platform has been steadily fading thanks to the growing popularity of HTML5. Flash development for mobile has been discontinued, and HTML5 adoption has been increasing as time goes on. Another HTML5 victory was claimed recently when the BBC, an organization known worldwide for its news reporting and shows, announced that it had officially adopted HTML5 for both the standard and mobile versions of its website.

Advanced Sticky Footers in HTML and CSS
In this two-part tutorial, I demonstrate how easy it is to create a couple of sticky web page footers by using a combination of clean markup and a few basic CSS styles.

HTML and CSS Sticky Footers
In this first part of a two-part tutorial, I demonstrate how to create a simple sticky web page footer by using only a mixture of clean markup and a few basic CSS properties.

Strategy Analytics Predicts HTML5 Phones to Reach One Billion Sales in 2013
Strategy Analytics, a global research and marketing firm that specializes in technology markets, recently released a projection that predicts HTML5 phone sales will reach the one billion unit milestone in 2013. Such a projection is a bold one considering HTML5 phones accounted for 336 million sales in 2011. The increased popularity of HTML5 technology and the way in which it facilitates the convergence of a wide range of devices including feature phones, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and more, however, makes the firm’s prediction seem quite possible.

HTML5 Guidelines for Web Developers
If you're a web developer thinking about moving from HTML 4 to HTML5, you'd probably appreciate a little guidance on the new standard. Fortunately, Addison-Wesley recently published a book, HTML Guidelines for Web Developers, designed to meet that need. Keep reading for our review.