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Programmatically Manipulating Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets with the Apache POI API
The Apache Jakarta POI project consists of Java APIs dedicated to the manipulation of files based on Microsoft’s OLE 2 Compound Document format. In this article, you’ll learn how to use the APIs of the POI project to read from and write to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. As you will see, the programmatic liberty to manipulate Excel files represents a powerful offering to the Java programmer.

Installing PHP under Windows
Not a Linux fan? Looking for a hassle-free way of setting up a PHP environment on your Windows box? Read as Matthew guides us through the process of installing Apache, MySQL and PHP on a Windows based machine, otherwise known as WAMP.

Compressing Web Content with mod_gzip and mod_deflate
It simply makes sense. Compress your files with mod_gzip and save money with less bandwidth transmissions. Read this article to find out more.

Compressing Web Output Using mod_deflate and Apache 2.0.x
Stephen has written this article to explain how the Apache 2.0.x Web Server can compress web output. Read more.

Setting Up Apache 2.0.45 to Parse PHP Pages
To learn how to configure your Apache 2 web server so that .php and .phps files can be used, read this article by William. He #39;ll get you sorted out so you can spend more time developing your PHP apps.

Custom Error 404 Documents with PHP
This article will help developers who wish to create a new web site layout. Once you have read this, you will be able to redirect users to the new pages created via a 404 error page. Read more.

Using Apache and PHP on Mac OS X
Are you a Mac user? Are you working on the Mac OS X platform and want to use Apache and PHP? Well, Joel has some surprises for you as well as a list of steps one must follow to configure both on your machine.

ASP: Active Sessions, Active Logins and Total Site Hits
William T explains how to make sure that your site contains a safe and accurate track of genuine page hits.

Working With Oracle on Windows: Part 1
You know PHP and MySQL, but wouldn #39;t it be nice to know Oracle? Well, Ben #39;s come to the rescue with his article series on using Oracle with PHP on Windows...

The Quick-n-Dirty Guide to Setting Up Apache on Windows
It's easy to setup Apache on Windows, and in this article Steve shows us his & quick-n-dirty& way to do so in just minutes...

Installing Apache With SSL: The Complete Guide
Ever wanted SSL security support on your web site? If so, then take a look at this article. In it, Will teaches us how to install OpenSa Server -- Apache mixed with SSL support.

7 Powerful .htaccess Customization Tips
Turn your web site into the ultimate stealth machine using Steve #39;s 7 powerful .htaccess customization tips, which he reveals in this article.

Trap And Get Notified: A Practical Solution To 404 Errors With PHP
Tired of seeing the same 404 errors in your log files? In this article Matt uses .htaccess and PHP to combat nasty 404 errors and get notified about them immediately as they occur.

One Way To Use Server Side Includes
Heard the acronym SSI but no sure what they are? Join Corbb in this article as he explains SSI and also shows us some interesting examples on how to use them with our website.

Using ForceType For Nicer Page URLs
Apache has features that allow us to setup easy to remember URL #39;s for our web site #39;s pages. In this article Joe shows us how easy it is to do with Apache and a little PHP.

Implementing Sensible 404 Pages With Apache
#39;HTTP 404 Not Found #39; reads the title. It #39;s not pretty. As web surfers, we have all collided with 404 error pages, and some endeavour to correct the error be checking the URL for stupid mistakes that often happen. In this article Steve talks about handling 404 errors with Apache, and also suggests ways to keep visitors on your site by making the content of your 404 page informative and useful.

Apache 101
If you #39;re from a Windows background, then chances are that you #39;ve never actually played around with Linux and Apache. Apache is the most popular web server software in the world, and in this article Nakul #39;s going to teach us exactly what Apache is, where to download it from and how to install it. If you #39;ve never used Apache before then you should definetly have a read of this article: it will have you up and running in no time!

Handling 404 Error #39;s With Apache
The web is all about usability, consistency and speed... well, that #39;s what we #39;d like to think anyway. In this article John shows us how to stop those dreaded 404 errors from plaguing our Apach-based web sites. With a bit of PHP and a htaccess file or two, your site will be free of 404 #39;s forever!

Executing A C++ Application Over The Internet With PHP
Unix is a powerful operating system that uses C/C++ extensively. In this article, Mitchell will use a couple of console commands, some C++ and some PHP, to show you how to create a totally integrated C++ application, which can be executed (and have its output captured) from PHP.

Securing Directories With htaccess
If you have a web site that contains sensitive documents such as test results, scripts, or an administration section, then you need directory security to stop unauthorized people from accessing certain parts of your site. In this article, Hassan will show you how to setup htaccess security for folders on your Apache web server.