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Project Nashorn to Make Java, JavaScript Work Together
Oracle is putting its weight behind a new project aimed at making JavaScript work better with Java. Dubbed Project Nashorn, its goal is “to implement a lightweight high-performance JavaScript runtime in Java with a native JVM.”

JavaScript Virus Attacks Tumblr Blogs
Earlier this week, Tumblr fell victim to a fast-spreading virus that affected logged-in users who viewed infected blog pages. The company was forced to temporarily suspend the ability of site users to post in order to get the JavaScript virus under control and clean it from the website.

Google Releases Stable Dart Version, JavaScript Rival
After more than a year of work, Google finally released the first stable version of Dart, the scripting language it hopes will take the place of JavaScript. Though the search giant also unveiled plenty of other goodies to go along with Dart, the company faces an uphill battle for the language's adoption.

Khan Academy Unveils New JavaScript Learning Environment
Imagine that you can type some JavaScript code on one side of your screen, and immediately see what it does on the other side. Imagine that you can make changes to this code and see the effect instantly, without having to recompile. The Khan Academy did – and built an interface that accomplishes this task.

Accessing Nitro? There`s an App for That
While many users enjoy accessing the Internet through their iPhone or iPad, some may have noticed a certain disparity in the speed of certain browsers or applications. That's not endemic to the products; in fact, it has a lot more to do with something called Nitro. Fortunately, there's an app called Nitrous that can help those with the need for speed.

JQuery 2.0 Leaving Older IE Versions Behind
Late last month, the developers working on the jQuery core noted that the beloved JavaScript library would be “undergoing a spring cleaning to remove insecure, inefficient, ineffective, and inadvisable features.” Along with some great customization options, they noted a major change for jQuery 2.0: the library would no longer support older versions of the Internet Explorer browser.

Fastest JavaScript Engine Might Surprise You
When rendering anything on a browser, it's all about speed, and that's as true for JavaScript as it is for anything else. So when InfoWorld decided to measure how quickly several web browsers handled JavaScript based on one of the accepted benchmark tests, it's only natural that the results would be of interest. But the winner was a surprise.

Microsoft Adjusting Chakra for IE 10
No, the software giant isn't embracing new-age practices for the next version of its browser. Microsoft's new JavaScript engine, dubbed Chakra, was introduced in Internet Explorer 9. It will be updated for IE 10. Let's take a look at what's coming.

Brendan Eich: We Don`t Need Google Native Client
JavaScript founder Brendan Eich expressed his skepticism concerning Google Native Client. Speaking late last month at the O'Reilly Fluent Conference in San Francisco, Eich explained that JavaScript could easily serve the same needs that Native Client is being designed to fill – and JavaScript already boasts wider vendor support than Native Client could hope for.

An Overview of JavaScript Statements
To help beginners and others interested in learning JavaScript understand how the language works, this tutorial will offer an explanation of JavaScript statements. Examples will also be provided to see the concepts in action.

An Overview of JavaScript Operators
This article will give a basic introduction and overview to JavaScript operators. More specifically, we will discuss assignment operators, arithmetic operators, comparison operators, and logical operators. Examples will also be given to help you understand the concepts further.

Overview of JavaScript Variables
This article will provide a basic overview of JavaScript variables and the functionality they can provide, as well as some examples.

More of the Top jQuery Social Plugins
Today we will supplement our first article that showcased the top jQuery social plugins by listing even more of them for you to choose from.

The Top jQuery Social Plugins
Today we will discuss some of the top jQuery plugins around the Web that will help increase your site’s popularity by leveraging the power of social networking.

More of the Top jQuery Slider Plugins
We have already showcased some of the top jQuery slider plugins on the Web to help you get the most out of your images and content on your site. Since there are so many jQuery slider plugins to choose from, we are back again with some others for you to take a look at. We are doing it differently this time around by listing premium plugins, just in case you are the type that does not mind paying a bit for improved functionality and features. If free plugins are what you are looking for, check out the previous article titled The Top jQuery Slider Plugins.

The Top jQuery Slider Plugins
Sliders are a great way to put images on display. Not only do they add extra functionality to a site, but they also add a wow factor to really spruce up the display of your images. Luckily, many developers have been kind enough to create jQuery slider plugins and tutorials to help make the implementation of sliders much easier. While jQuery itself is easy to use, jQuery plugins help simplify things even more. To give you an idea of some of the functionality and plugins that are out there on the Web, here is a list of some of the top jQuery slider plugins.

More of the Top jQuery Plugins for Animation
Are you looking for some ways to add some flair to your website via animation? Do you want your additions to not only look good, but function properly as well? If so, here are some methods to do so with jQuery plugins. Thanks to the plugins’ creators, you can add style and substance to your site without a lot of tedious work.

More of the Top jQuery Plugins for 2012
We recently highlighted some of the top jQuery plugins that have been released in the new year. While they can certainly help you get the most out of your site in terms of looks and functionality, there are many more that reside on the Web that are worth mentioning as well. With that being said, here are more of the top jQuery plugins for 2012. There’s a little bit of everything in this list to give you some variety in terms of the functionality that the different plugins provide.

More of the Top jQuery Plugins for Forms
It’s been a long time since we highlighted some of the best jQuery plugins for forms. While the previous list of ten plugins offered some very useful tools to help enhance your site’s forms, there are so many more on the Web that are worth mentioning. After all, forms are a vital part of each site, so enhancing their look and functionality is a great way to create an improved experience for your visitors. With that being said, here are more of the top jQuery plugins for forms, in no particular order.

Top jQuery Plugins for 2012
In the past, we have delivered articles detailing some of the top jQuery plugins across such areas as images, forms, menus, and more. While those lists certainly offered some helpful plugins to help you maximize your site’s potential, more plugins have become available over time. With 2012 upon us, there’s much to look forward to in technological advances, and some members of the jQuery community have done their part by releasing fresh, new plugins. Here are some of the top jQuery plugins for 2012 that can improve your site and make life a bit easier at the same time.