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Introduction to Objects and Classes in C#, Part 2
After I wrote the article named Introduction to Objects and Classes in C#, I got a lot of e-mail messages asking me to create a series of articles about Objects and Classes. Actually this was a few months back (sorry for being late), but I'm here again with part two. In Part one, I explained the concepts behinds Objects and Classes but I didn't discuss why Object Oriented Programming (OOP) uses the Object and Class technique. Today, I will discuss the advantage of Objects and Classes with more details on how to understand your problems and develop your Objects for your solution.

Visual C#.NET, Part 1: Introduction to Programming Languages
Learn today what you need to get started with Visual C#.NET. We'll be taking a look at the .NET Platform, the .NET Framework, as well as a quick look at Visual Studio.NET. We'll also take a brief look at the history of programming languages, including machine code, assembly language, as well as high-level languages, such as C#. This is the first chapter of Michael Youssef's book Visual C#.NET (The Absolute Power), printed here with the permission of the author.

C# - An Introduction
Learn the fundamentals of C# as Michael takes us on an introductory tour, including keywords, identifiers, and much more.

Hotmail Exposed: Access Hotmail using C#
Wouter runs us through the process of building our very own Hotmail client, allowing us to communicate with the Hotmail gateway using C#.

Razor Sharp C#
Pawan is back with an introduction to C# and the benefits it has to offer developers. Be sure to read more if you #39;re looking to jump into the latest trend!

Introduction to Objects and Classes in C#
In this article Michael introduces us to C#, as well as attempts to demystify the theory behind Object and Classes in OO Programming.

Making Your Code CLS Compliant
Is your C# code in line with the .NET Command Language Specification (CLS)? In this article, Sriram shows us how to check and fix our code for compliance.

Programming with MySQL and .NET Technologies
A topic not covered by many is that with entales developing web sites with MySQL within the .Net Framework. Ahm illustrates how you can use these two technologies under the one roof using the Dataset family.

Socket Programming in C# - Part II
This is the second part of Ashish #39;s two part series about handling sockets in the C# language. Read this article to learn how to use sockets with the .Net framework.

Socket Programming in C# - Part I
If you have dealt with sockets in the past, you may be interested in learning how it is done using C# technology. Read more ...

Creational Patterns in C#
When it comes to asking questions about creating patterns with C#, Rajesh has all the answers. Read about some C# patterns in this article.

Type Conversions
Type conversions differ slightly in C# as opposed to regular C++. Rajesh has put together an article to demonstrate the different types of conversions possible in the C# language.

Creating Custom Delegates and Events in C#
Joe has written an article for C# programmers wishing to create their own delegates and events in their C# applications with ease.

Inheritance and Polymorphism
For those who are already programming in C#, using Inheritance for class level reusability and Polymorphism for processing objects differntly depending on their class, become quite useful.

Understanding Properties in C#
This article is designed to further your knowledge about properties in the C# language. Read how Rajesh uses get and set methods to access these properties.

Exception Handling in C#
As we all know, exception handling becomes a very handy tool for debugging an application. Rajesh will now explein how one should use Exceptions in C#.

Network Programming in C#
Rajesh will now educate C# programmers by demonstrating the correct method of using the Socket class. A must read for those network programmers out there.

IOCP Thread Pooling in C# - Part II
In part 2, William will continue to explain how the create a class that will handle threads using a IOCP Thread Pool.

C# - Static Members
This article will help you understand the concepts relating to static members in C#. Once you have read this article you #39;ll be able you utilise the static member properties.

IOCP Thread Pooling in C# - Part I
This is the first part of William #39;s two part series on thread pooling in C#. By importing a dll file for IOCP thread support.