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Customizing Wordpress Favicons and Gravatars
In this Wordpress tutorial, you will learn how to customize favicons and gravatars in a few simple, short steps without the need of a plug-in.

Building Corner Effects with Transparent Background Images
Among the vast arsenal of eye-catching visual effects that are used by many modern web sites nowadays, thereís one in particular thatís already considered a true classic by both beginners and seasoned web designers. Of course, in this case Iím talking about the popular rounded corners, which can be built by utilizing a huge variety of approaches, ranging from JavaScript-dependent solutions to CSS-based approaches.

3D Graphics Technology: VRML Part I - Introduction
Virtual reality modeling language provides the graphics capability to let you create 3D objects, even whole worlds, which you can upload to your website. Visitors can then interact with these virtual items. VRML has many applications. In this first article in a series, Eliana Stavrou explains the basics and provide examples.

Creating Visual Effects
Learn how to have fun with your images in Paint Shop Pro 8, including how to rease part of a layer, how to remove unwanted objects from an image, how to create a soft focus effect, and more. This article is from chapter 15 of Paint Shop Pro 8 in a Snap, by Jennifer Fulton (Sams, 2004, ISBN: 0672323893.)

Web Page Design Overview
This introductory-level article provides checklists to help with planning a new website. Tips include the effect background colors can have on site visitors and page length considerations such as using shorter pages to break up text by topic or using longer page lengths for ease of printing.

Creating Artistic Photographs
This chapter covers how to age a photo, change color to black and white, make a photo look like an oil painting or a watercolor, and more tips. (From the book, Paint Shop Pro 8, by Jennifer Fulton, Sams, 2004, ISBN: 0672323893.)

Working with Tools in Paint Shop Pro 8
Learn about the tools and tool options in Paint Shop Pro 8, including, how to select colors, gradients and patterns. Reuse of materials is also covered. (From the book, Paint Shop Pro 8, by Jennifer Fulton, Sams, 2004, ISBN: 0672323893.)

Using HTML Quickform for Form Processing
With HTML_QuickForm version 3.1, you can have a consistent look across all your forms and a simplified file upload. This chapter starts with the basics then shows you how to process submitted form data with HTML_QuickForm. (From the book, Essential PHP Tools: Modules, Extensions, and Accelerators, by David Sklar, Apress, 2004, ISBN: 159059280.)

Introduction to Adobe FrameMaker
This chapter provides a starting point for those who are familiar with XML but not as familiar with FrameMaker. It also covers FrameMaker's structured document publishing capabilities. (From the book XML and Framemaker, by Kay Ethier, published by Apress, ISBN: 159059276X.)

WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Platform, and the J2EE Landscape
WebLogic Server has been on the cusp of new technologies and specifications in the J2EE and application server space for years and is the front runner in terms of features and performance. WebLogic Workshop 8.1 offers a full suite of tools for developing sophisticated enterprise applications. Get the basics on this IDE, including the MVC pattern. (From BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1 by Albert J. Saganich, Jr., et al., Sams, 2004, ISBN: 0-672-32622-1.)

Planning the Site
This article features a step-by-step guide to working with the Site Map to create the basic outline of the site so you can visually framework your site and the relationships between the pages. Also learn how Dreamweaver makes it simple to ease into server-side work. (This is from the book Dreamweaver MX 2004: A Beginner's Guide, McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0-07-222996-9, by Tom Muck and Ray West.)

Working with Web Services
Why would you want to use a Web service? They are flexible and supported on a number of platforms and can be implemented by using a number of languages. This chapter from BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1 (by Albert J. Saganich, Jr., et al., Sams, 2004, ISBN: 0-672-32622-1) covers Web services concepts, SOA, SOAP, WSDL, and security.

WebLogic Workshop Application Development Basics
This chapter from BEA WebLogic Workshop 8.1 (Kick Start series, from Sams Publishers, by Albert J. Saganich, Jr., et al., 2004. ISBN: 0-672-32622-1) explores the WebLogic Workshop programming model and introduces enterprise application development.

Scanning Images for Web Use
Take the mystery out of getting your images on the Web. This tutorial will teach you the basic information you'll need to scan graphics for Internet usage.

Web Graphics Overview
Currently there are three dominant file types found on the Internet: GIF, JPEG, and PNG. Learn how each can work to help us preserve image integrity, while keeping files sizes minimal. Properly optimizing your graphics will make your site look more professional, and reduce the amount of time your visitors spend waiting for your pages to download.

The Pen is Mightier than the Brush Tool
Rob Foster explains why he prefers vectors to pixels when it comes to webpage design. If you are a serious web designer, learn how to create your page layouts as well as choose colors, fonts and more... faster. Faster and easier web design? Hmmm, nice concept.

Graphic Design for the Web
Aside from HTML, graphics are what make the web & look good.& Many sites will turn a surfer away if they don't have pleasing graphics. We will cover some of the basic design tips and tricks to help your site stand out.