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Top WordPress Plugins for Social Media
It’s rather obvious that one of the hottest sectors of the online world is social networking. Many people have created accounts on popular sites like Facebook and Twitter to catch up with old friends, share ideas, network for business, and much more. If you have a WordPress site, one way to expand your presence is through social media. Luckily, there are tons of WordPress plugins out there that can simplify the integration of social media with your site. This list details some of the best social media plugins around to help you get started.

How to Install WordPress on WAMPP
This tutorial will teach you, in a straightforward manner, how to install Xampp (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Perl) on a computer using the Windows XP operating system, and install Wordpress on it to test and develop your own website or blog.

More of the Best Wordpress Plugins for Comments
The importance of your WordPress site’s comments section cannot be understated. Luckily, there are tons of WordPress plugins on the market that can help you get the most out of your comments section. Here are some more that are worth considering.

Top Wordpress Plugins to Fight Spam
In the past, we presented a list of some of the top WordPress plugins to help you fight spam. While those were some of the bigger names around, there are several more valuable solutions to enhance your spam-fighting efforts, and here they are.

More of the top Drupal modules for SEO
We have already given you a list of some of the top Drupal models to help boost your SEO efforts. While they are all solid in their own right, there are many more on the market for you to consider. Without further adieu, here are more of the top Drupal modules for SEO.

Top Drupal Modules for SEO
Drupal is a great content management system whose power can be extended even further with the use of modules. One area where Drupal modules offer significant help is SEO. If you are new to website design, SEO can be intimidating. Even if you aren’t new, you’re human, and there are times where your content may not offer the best optimization possible. To help you get the most out of your efforts, here is a list of some of the top Drupal modules for SEO.

More Top Wordpress Plugins for SEO
In the first part of this tutorial series, we listed several WordPress plugins that could give your site’s SEO a serious boost. If you’ve ever visited WordPress’ main plugin site, you know that its catalog of available plugins is massive. To that end, here are some more impressive WordPress plugins that can give you a hand in achieving your site’s SEO goals.

Website Optimization Tips
Your website’s overall speed is essential to providing a positive user experience for your visitors and can have an effect on your rankings in the search engines. The slower your site, the more frustrated your visitors will become, which could lead them to try a competitor’s site instead. There are tons of steps you can take to optimize your website’s performance, and this list will present a sampling of them.

Backup and Restore a Drupal Website and Database
This web development article discusses how to backup and restore a Drupal website and its related database.

5 Best Web Font Services
In this second look at the best web font services, we take a gander at Fontspring, Fontdeck, Typotheque, Fonts Live, and WebType.

Web Font Embedding Services
In this web authoring tutorial, we will be showcasing some of the best web font embedding services. These services allow you to use fonts outside of those typically installed on a user's computer system, allowing for a more flexible web page design without needing to rely upon images.

Joomla Site Administration
In this Joomla site administration article, you will learn some of the basic tasks you can perform to properly administer your site, including configuring Site, System, and Server in the global configuration panel.

Create PHP Pages that Use WordPress Templates
In this programming tutorial, you will learn how to create standalone PHP pages that use (or inherit) WordPress template files.

Top Joomla Extensions for Social Networking
The power and presence of social networking simply cannot be denied. It seems as if most of the internet world is linked to social networks in one way or another. With that being said, why sit on the sidelines? If you have a Joomla website and want social networking integration, there are plenty of extensions that can make it happen. It's not as hard as you think, and here is a list of Joomla extensions to help broaden your site's horizons.

Drupal Modules for Site Navigation
Site navigation is one of the most important categories when it comes to Drupal modules. With so many modules available, however, it may be hard to figure out which ones are the best. Here is a list of some of the top Drupal modules for site navigation to help you in the decision process.

Top Free Joomla Extensions for Contacts and Feedback
There's no denying the importance of allowing your site's visitors to contact you or provide feedback. There are tons of Joomla extensions that focus around this task, so selecting one can get a tad complicated. To make the process a little less daunting, here are six of the top Joomla extensions for contacts and feedback that you should consider. All of the extensions in this list are of the non-commercial type and are free.

Top WordPress Plugins for Comments
The comments section of your site is extremely important for various reasons. It not only offers you feedback from visitors, but it can help spark discussion between visitors and create loyalty. To ensure that your comments section taps its full potential, here is a list of some of the top WordPress plugins for comments.

Seven Great Drupal Modules
Drupal modules are add-ons that give you additional control when it comes to creating and managing your Drupal site. If you are new to the Drupal content management system (CMS), you may have noticed that its catalog of modules is quite large. There are thousands of modules to choose from across categories like administration, e-commerce, security, user management, and more. While the list of modules is overwhelming, its extensive nature is necessary, as each site has its own specific needs. Here are some Drupal modules that could be considered essential in helping you create your site.

Six Great Joomla Extensions
Joomla is one of the most popular and easy to use content management systems (CMS) in the world. Joomla's extensions cover a wide variety of categories, such as editing, multimedia, site management, administration, e-commerce, and content sharing - just to name a few. The sheer number of extensions could make your head spin, so here are six free Joomla extensions that you might want to take a look at first.

Ten Great Wordpress CMS Plug-ins
WordPress plugins are valuable tools that can help you enhance your website and save time in the process. With so many plugins to choose from, it may be difficult to sift through them all to see which ones are best. This top ten list showcases some of the best plugins that you can use to give your WordPress CMS a boost.