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Removing Singletons in PHP
In this conclusion to a two-part tutorial, I demonstrate through a fairly realistic example that the elimination of Singletons (and their associated side effects, of course) is a pretty straightforward process. Indeed, I show that it can be successfully tackled using a proper mixture of different programming methodologies and guidelines, such as Inversion of Control and the Separation of Concerns Principle.

Singletons in PHP
In this first part of a two-part tutorial, I will show you how the use of Singletons can generate a lot of coupling, testing and global-state related issues, which in most cases remain invisible to the eyes of the average developer.

Implement Facebook Javascript SDK with PHP
In this programming tutorial you will learn how to implement the Facebook Javascript SDK in an HTTPS environment with a little bit of help from PHP.

Making Usage Statistics in PHP
Making usage statistics on a web site is one of the most enjoyable things for me on the Internet. Thanks to the technology, you can see each click of each visitor, the date of the visiting, and how many seconds the user was reading your site. I use this feature to track which of my articles was read for the longest time. In this article I will show you how to store the statistics in a MySQL database, show the web stats in an HTML table and make figures based on the stats using the GD library.

Installing PHP under Windows: Further Configuration of WAMP
In his last article, Matthew showed us how to successfully install and configure WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL and PHP) to setup a development environment. In this next piece, learn how to make use of the Apache and PHP configuration files to further enhance your server needs.

File Version Management in PHP
We can find many articles related to uploading, viewing, and downloading files. Murali's latest article is written on the basic concept of uploading and managing files, and shows us how to create a magic with a little PHP and MySQL. Learn how to properly manage duplicate files through versioning.

Statistical View of Data in a Clustered Bar Chart
In this article, Naeem shows us how to go about creating a statistical view of data, in the form of a clustered bar chart, using PHP and MySQL. He provides a real-life scenario, along with accompanying code, to demonstrate how the job can be accomplished.

Creating a Multi-File Upload Script in PHP
Frustrated with single-file upload scripts? Looking for an alternate route? Read as Jonathan shows us how easy it really is to setup a multi-file upload script using PHP.

Executing Microsoft SQL Server Stored Procedure from PHP on Linux
Learn how to setup, install and configure Apache and PHP on a Linux box to execute MS SQL stored procedures. This extensive article takes you through an in-depth look on how to achieve your ideal environment.

Code 10x More Efficiently Using Data Access Objects: Part 1
Learn how to efficiently access database information using Data Access Objects (DAO) with PHP. Oto shows us how easy database manipulation can be, as well as how much time can be saved.

A Few Tips for Speeding Up PHP Code
Ever wondered how to improve your code #39;s execution time? Daryl reveals some of his secrets and shows us how to do just that.

The Modular Web Page
Peter #39;s latest article shows us how taking a modular approach to design websites can save us time, maintenance, and insanity.

Quick E-Commerce with PHP and PayPal
This article gives a great insight into developing a small website that incorporates your own shopping cart or a third-party cart in conjunction with PayPal.

Regression Testing With JMeter
By using JMeter to perform regression tests for your web application, you can ensure that your final result is at an optimal level. Read more ...

Building an Iterator with PHP
Want to clean up you code and save hardware usage? Well it is possible thanks to Dejan #39;s iterator technique. Read how it is done.

PHP Frontend to ImageMagick
For those who have an interest in programming an interface designed to manipulate images, Gijs has provided the information necessary so that you have the ability to resize, rotate, sharpen, color reduce or add any other special effect to your images. Read more ...

Using PEAR #39;s mimeDecode Module
When sending out MIME e-mails with attachments, it can be quite useful to use mimeDecode module. This module is an ingredient of the PEAR library, used for the decoding process. Read more ...

Incoming Mail and PHP
It #39;s time to learn how to generate a mail system using the PHP language. What do we need to consider? How to we setup the system? Gijs will answer these questions and more in this article.

Storage and Re-use of Images Using PHP/GD - Part 2
Following up on part 1 of this compelling two part series on image handling, Gijs will now supply DevArticles readers some code snippets that will demonstrate the significance of his work.

Storage and Re-use of Images Using PHP/GD - Part 1
Using PHP and MySQL to work with images is made easy thanks to the efforts of Gijs in this two part series explaining how a programmer can successfully handle images with a database.