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     HTML 5 and Javascript Web Workers
     How to Add YouTube Videos to Your Website
     Using HTML5 Elements in IE with html5shiv
     Using the HTML5 nav Element with html5shiv
     html5shiv and the section Element
     Industry`s first HTML5 Mobile Platform Launches
     html5shiv and the aside Element
     htmlshiv5 and the HTML5 footer Element
     Top HTML5 Tutorials
     The Top PSD to HTML Tutorials
     HTML5 Form Elements
     HTML5 Form Elements: A Second Look
     6 Great HTML5 Tutorials
     More Best PSD to HTML Tutorials
     Styling HTML Forms with CSS
     Best HTML5 Form Tutorials
     Common HTML Mistakes
     Strobe Releases Platform for Building HTML5 Apps
     HTML5 Gaining Momentum Among Users
     Intro to Inline-block HTML Elements with CSS
     Creating Inline-Block HTML Elements with CSS
     Drag and Drop API in HTML5
     Drag and Drop in HTML5: Parsing Local Files
     Columns with CSS3 and HTML
     More Web Columns with CSS3 and HTML
     Engaging HTML and CSS3 Background Effects
     More Engaging CSS3 and HTML Background Effects
     Learning HTML5 Game Programming
     HTML5 Guidelines for Web Developers
     Strategy Analytics Predicts HTML5 Phones to Reach One Billion Sales in 2013
     HTML and CSS Sticky Footers
     Advanced Sticky Footers in HTML and CSS
     BBC Adopts HTML 5, Mozilla Addresses Issues
     HTML5 Boilerplate Introduction
     HTML5 Boilerplate: Working with jQuery and Modernizr
     New API Platform for HTML5
     MobileAppWizard Releases HTML5 App Builder
     More of the Top Tutorials for HTML5 Forms
     HTML5: Reasons to Learn and Use It
     Top HTML5 Video Tutorials
     The Top HTML5 Audio Players
     Report: HTML5 Mobile Performance Lags
     HTML5 in the News
     Job Hunting? Lists This Quarter`s Fastest Growing Jobs
     HTML5 or Native?
     HTML5: Not for Phone Apps?
     Revisiting the HTML5 vs. Native Debate
     Does HTML5 Need a Main Element?

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