PHP Articles

     Rotating Banner Advertisements with PHP
     Automated Creation of Thumbnails With PHP
     Simple Localisation with PHP
     Anatomy of an Output Class
     Storage and Re-use of Images Using PHP/GD - Part 1
     Storage and Re-use of Images Using PHP/GD - Part 2
     Incoming Mail and PHP
     Using PEAR's mimeDecode Module
     PHP Frontend to ImageMagick
     Building an Iterator with PHP
     Regression Testing With JMeter
     Quick E-Commerce with PHP and PayPal
     The Modular Web Page
     A Few Tips for Speeding Up PHP Code
     Code 10x More Efficiently Using Data Access Objects: Part 1
     Executing Microsoft SQL Server Stored Procedure from PHP on Linux
     Creating a Multi-File Upload Script in PHP
     Statistical View of Data in a Clustered Bar Chart
     File Version Management in PHP
     Installing PHP under Windows: Further Configuration of WAMP
     Making Usage Statistics in PHP
     Implement Facebook Javascript SDK with PHP
     Singletons in PHP
     Removing Singletons in PHP

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