Ruby-on-Rails Articles

     Managing Database Files with Ruby on Rails
     Handling Advanced Database Features with Rails
     More Advanced Database Features and Rails
     Load Balancing Databases with Rails
     Associations and Dependencies with Active Record
     Arrays, Associations and the Active Record
     Validation and the Active Record
     Callbacks and the Active Record
     GUIs and More for Desktop Reports
     Building Reports Accessible from the Internet
     Writing a Ruby-on-Rails Bookstore Application
     Testing a Book Emporium Application
     Adding Authors to an Online Bookstore
     Validating Author Data in an Online Bookstore
     Managing Authors in an Online Bookstore
     Browsing and Searching an Online Book Catalog
     Adding an RSS Feed to an Online Book Catalog
     Basic Tests for Forum Implementation
     Forum Implementation: Viewing Posts
     Setting up Posting for a Forum Implementation
     Finishing a Shopping Cart Implementation
     Preparing to Add Tagging Support
     Implementing Tagging Support
     Completing Tagging Support
     Securing the Login for a Rails Ecommerce Application
     Passwords and More Security for a Rails Ecommerce Application
     Protecting Your Rails Ecommerce Application
     Going Global with Multiple Language Support
     Translating a Site for Multiple Language Support
     Getting Text and Currency Working for Multiple Language Support
     Order and Payment Handling for an Ecommerce Website
     Online Order Processing: Using PayPal
     Checkout and Order Processing: the Administrative Side
     Checkout and Order Processing: the User Side
     Commands for Acceptance Testing
     Recording Acceptance Tests
     Installing the Database for Application Deployment
     Secure Application Deployment with Ruby on Rails
     Deploying an Application to the Server
     Application Deployment with Capistrano
     Using Rails Analyzer for Performance Optimization
     The Action Profiler and Performance Optimization
     Caching and Performance Optimization
     Memcached and Performance Optimization
     Common Performance Problems in Rails
     Database for a Ruby-on-Rails Application
     Database Tables, Controllers for Ruby-on-Rails Applications
     Finishing a Basic Ruby-on-Rails Application
     Action Pack and Action View
     Action Pack Routing and Request Cycle
     Writing an Action Pack Controller
     Action Pack Controller Creation
     Ruby on Rails Templates and Layouts
     Creating an Action Pack Registration Form
     Action Pack Request Parameters
     Action Pack Partial Templates
     Displaying Error Messages with the Action Pack Library
     More on Action Pack Partial Templates
     Action Pack Sessions and Architecture
     Logging Out, Events and Templates with Action Pack
     Action Pack Categories and Events
     Action Pack and Controller Filters
     Filters, Controllers and Helpers in Action Pack
     Handling HTML in Templates with Action Pack
     Adding Style with Action Pack
     Why LinkedIn Switched from Ruby on Rails
     Ruby 2.0 Prepped for February 2013 Release
     Ruby-on-Rails Faces Second Security Flaw in a Week

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